We are excited that the first girls-only Kinder class has commenced at St Mary’s College for 2021. While changing to girls-only in the early years is new for St Mary’s, the College has been leading the way in girls’ education for decades, having girls-only classes from Year 3 to Year 12 in the one, central location.

Kinder at St Mary’s College is a wonderful place for children. It provides countless opportunities to discover, think, plan and play. We provide a nurturing, trusting and caring environment.

Children are encouraged to be independent and embrace the structure of each day. We really value the focus on kindness, and every individual is valued and celebrated. What a great start to our journey in formal education!

– Brigid Shea, Kinder parent and St Mary’s College alumna


Flexible Kinder options

We are pleased to announce that we are offering families flexible options for Kindergarten in 2022. All Kinders will have three compulsory ‘core’ days, but families have the option of requesting four days or even five days of Kinder per week (subject to availability).

Families can nominate one of the three options below for 2022:

Number of daysDaysFees
Three core daysMonday, Tuesday and Wednesday OR$3,280 per year
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday$3,280 per year
Four daysAdd an additional day to core days above$3,780 per year*
Five daysMonday to Friday$4,280 per year*

*Introductory price for 2022

Please note, the four-day and five-day Kinder options are subject to availability. The final allocation of days will be nominated by the College to ensure optimal class sizes.

We are excited to trial these extended Kinder options in 2022, which have been developed to support working families who are currently utilising childcare options alongside Kinder.

We are still accepting applications for Kinder in 2022. For further queries please contact Jo Burgess, our Enrolment Officer: enrol@smc.tas.edu.au or (03) 6108 2560.

Learning in Kinder

The Kinder program is designed to nurture and provide opportunities to build confidence, independence and the joy of discovery and learning, which will carry on well beyond the student’s year in Kinder.

We provide a play based educational program that builds on the College’s vision statement and is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Our program is planned and implemented by taking into account the different interests, cultural backgrounds and developmental levels of all children. We focus on enhancing their strengths, recognising that children develop at their own pace to reach their individual potential. As a Catholic school we value the uniqueness of each child and aim to build and nourish their personal relationship with Jesus.

Kinder classrooms

The early-learning facility at St Mary’s College is purpose-built, designed with our youngest students’ experiences in mind. The modern space offers a stimulating and nurturing environment that is tailored to foster play and sensory-based learning. Kinder classrooms are large, airy and bright, overlooking the outdoor play space.

Adjacent to the classrooms is a large outdoor play area featuring play equipment, a sandpit, water pump and stream, ‘bird nest’ sensory tub and sensory path, where children can explore and experiment with their natural surroundings.


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