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Welcome to our website! St Mary’s College’s online presence will assist you to understand who we are and what we value.

In our Reception area, we have a lovely quote that encapsulates our College. It says:

Who is a St Mary’s College girl? When your daughter graduates from St Mary’s at the end of Year 12 we aspire for her to be a savvy young woman. For her to be articulate, a problem solver who thinks outside the square, pursues excellence in her career aspirations and is comfortable with change. We aspire for her to be compassionate, with a deep sense of social justice, an understanding of the importance of contributing to the community, and an openness to God. We wish for her to go one pace beyond in all pursuits.


God is at the heart of our College. As a Catholic school we are motivated by Jesus’ teaching for us to live our life to the full. This promotes the holistic education we provide at St Mary’s College. Students are taught to grow their mind, heart, spirit and body and our educational vision is growing our love of learning. We embrace a growth mindset from Kinder to Year 12 and teach students to look for challenge and to build resilience.

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Helen Spencer

As a staff, we are a Professional Learning Community. We meet in small teams and focus on aspects of teaching and learning, use research to develop best practice and utilise data to track if what we are doing is making a difference to student outcomes. We are excited about learning and meet each student where they are at.

Our theme for 2021 is Compassion and it comes to us from our Presentation touchstones. We will explore this year what compassion is and what it isn’t, how to be people of compassion and how to have self-compassion.

Watch us go One Pace Beyond and Grow our Love of Learning in 2021!

Helen Spencer


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