Staff Spotlight – Scott Grant

Meet Scott Grant, Utility Officer and Groundskeeper

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How long have you been working at St Mary’s College – and what were you doing before then?

It will be three years in November. Before St Mary’s College, I was a firefighter for Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Services’ remote area team, a job that involved a lot of smoke, a lot of dangerous situations and a lot of time on deployment to the mainland, away from family. I’d be in and out of helicopters helping to fight bushfires across Tasmania. Working at the College has been a real change of pace for me, but I’m enjoying being part of the St Mary’s family – and the nice clean air!

What does a day in the life of a school groundskeeper/utility officer look like?

I get to work early in the morning, around 6.20am-6.30am, and start with a general clean-up (including cleaning the rubbish bins) to ensure the grounds are litter free and the school is100 per cent presentable before all staff, students and parents/carers come onto the grounds. As a utility officer, you’ll often find me moving lockers, desks and chairs from classroom to classroom, as well as doing general maintenance work which I undertake with support from Barry Figgell (Property Services Manager) and the rest of the College Maintenance team.

My main job, however, is in the garden, mowing the lawns, pruning the rose bushes, managing the weeds and essentially making sure the College is one big safe zone for all staff, students and parents/carers. I’m a self-taught gardener, but I’ve worked in a number of schools where I’ve picked up a good deal of expertise along the way in the appropriate use of power tools, equipment and cleaning chemicals.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Without a doubt, being out in the sunshine, breathing in the clean air and the lovely, friendly environment; there’s always someone calling out ‘hello’ or stopping for a chat. St Mary’s College is a beautiful school to work at. My job also keeps me very fit!

And the toughest part?

The wintertime can be cruel. But coming from working in scorching 40-degree conditions, in full PPE gear, a crisp five-degree morning is rather pleasant.

What are your thoughts about the grounds around our site and how they look?

They are looking fantastic! Of course, in the wintertime, the lawns don’t grow as much, but I’ve been planting lawn seed which is, so far, doing very well. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback saying how beautiful the school does look, especially when the roses are in bloom and the lawns are freshly cut, which makes my day.

Can you share something that people might be surprised to learn about you?

When it comes to gardening, I’m a bit of a perfectionist – everything I do has to be 110 per cent.

What do you like to do outside of work?

A lot of fishing. I also enjoy getting out and about in the caravan. I find these great ways to relax and reset.



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