Staff Spotlight – Michael Power

Meet Michael Power, Assistant Coordinator of Music

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What do love about your job? 

I am the most excited in my work when being part of that moment when a person is on the verge of discovering something new about themselves, or a new skill, or an idea. For me, I am fortunate that I get to do this in song, in language and with music – and with humour (good, bad, or indifferent!).

You are also an experienced accompanist. What made you want to study teaching?

As a collaborative musician, I enjoy connecting with people through music and experience, and sharing this in my work as a teacher. As a teacher-artist, I have the opportunity to do this daily, in the most diverse environments, teaching Music or Italian across the Junior and Senior Schools, in studio teaching and in concert.

What has been the biggest highlight of your career to date? 

I have been really fortunate to share the stage with extraordinary musicians and beautiful humans in my career so far. My most hilarious and memorable was accompanying Miriam Margoyles (Harry Potter’s Professor Sprout) in song, on stage at a writer’s festival in New South Wales. She sang Daisy, Daisy with full abandon.

Did you grow up in a musical household? 

My grandparents had a strong love for music, and it was my Nan who took me to my first lessons at the age of seven. My parents and my five siblings enjoy listening to music, but they do not play instruments or read music. I like to think that we share a common language as skilled craftspeople and teachers, in their roles as welder-engineers, and as parents.

Do you have a favourite piece to play on the piano? 

Australian Composer, Elena Kats-Chernin was commissioned to write a solo piano piece for my birthday in 2014. It’s called Tango Notchy, or ‘tango of the night’, and it begins with two simple notes before becoming a riotous tango. I love this piece for the gift that it was, the fun for the soloist and the collaboration between two people that the tango represents.

That said, if you catch me near a keyboard at any time, I’d never turn down the opportunity to belt out the Bluey theme – sheer joy in that tune!

Can you play any other instruments?

When I was in Year 7, my Music teacher recognised that I could read music and as part of the concert band program, he asked that I played French horn. It’s been many years since I played this instrument fully, but I was lucky to enjoy playing this in the university orchestra during my studies where I was able to tour internationally.

What advice would you give to students wanting to learn a new instrument? 

Step one – dive in and have a go, again and again and again. Find the joy in the music and work with a teacher who you will connect with and trust. Step two – keep at it, daily.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

One of the exciting things about moving to Hobart with my family three years ago was the access to hiking and beautiful landscapes. I walked the Overland Track 15 years ago and hope to do it again this time with my family, along with many of the other great walks in Tassie. I also joined a men’s knitting group called ‘Tassie’s Great Balls of Fibre’, but I wouldn’t trust my needlework just yet!

Favourite TV show or podcast? 

I am a ‘Chatter’, which means that I follow the podcast Chat 10 Looks 3, by Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb. They chat about all things topical, silly, musical and witty. I don’t mind a good binge of a TV show, and more recently have enjoyed Tassie’s own Deadloch.


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