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Meet Elizabeth Monks (Prefect for Environment and Sustainability) and Estella Edwards (Prefect for Arts and Culture)

What has been the highlight of your year at St Mary’s College so far? 

Elizabeth: Camp, the Sustainability Fair, Big Night In and Year 12 Mother’s Day Breakfast.

Estella: There have been many standouts this year, however, the Big Night In was one of the first times when we all came together as a year group to collaborate and plan a great night for the Year 11s.

Why are you so passionate about your Prefect portfolio?

Elizabeth:  I am passionate about the environment because it is the foundation of earth; without nature it would be a boring world.

Estella:  Everyone in some way is impacted by art or music in their lives. The impact that arts and culture have on students’ and adults’ mental health, attitude and expression are often overlooked. I think showing young people how the arts can be a part of their lives is an important aspect of a child’s education.

How have you engaged the student body in these areas of the College? 

Elizabeth: I have been able to engage students’ interest and engagement in sustainability with the Sustainability Fair, which was held at the start of September. There were many different things at the fair and a lot of classes got involved and made stalls. A second example would be encouraging fun and student involvement in Kahoots during assemblies.

Estella: Various arts events have been held throughout the year to both showcase students’ talents and engage potential performers and artists. The Music Gala was a recent example of one of these events. Performances in assembly and art displays within the school have also worked to engage students with arts and culture while also supporting our artists and musicians in the school.

What legacy do you hope to leave after you graduate? 

Elizabeth: A mindset for students that even small changes can make a huge impact on the environment.

Estella: I hope that St Mary’s can continue to facilitate a rich culture that supports and promotes the arts following our graduation.

What advice would you give to students aspiring for a leadership position in 2024?

Elizabeth: My advice would be put yourself forward and always act out of kindness; you never know what someone might be dealing with. (Acts of kindness are what matters, sometimes a small thing goes a long way… Get involved in school activities and volunteer.)

Estella: I would say that if you want to be a leader, you have to work as an exemplar for the change you want to see.


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