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Jasmine Wallace, Deputy Head Prefect (Year 12)

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Meet Jasmine Wallace, St Mary’s College Deputy Head Prefect and Prefect for Events and Communication. 

What are you most looking forward to this year at St Mary’s College? 

For my last year at SMC, I am most looking forward to developing that final bond with the Year 11s that we got to experience with the Year 12s last year – those relationships with people we would never expect to be so close with that last a lifetime. My peers and I are also looking forward to the final classes with our teachers who we have known for years, and those final goodbyes to the school that has given us all so much. There will no doubt be tears of sadness because we are leaving, but we will also be so happy that we have made all these connections with the College community that we will hold on to forever.

As Deputy Prefect and Prefect for Events and Communication, how do you hope to serve the SMC community?  

This year, I hope to continue to help organise events around the school and make it as smooth sailing as it can be for everyone. I also want to create a welcoming environment for students to contribute their ideas for events around the school, so that everyone has a voice.

What advice would you give students thinking about applying for a leadership position in the future? 

I would say just do it! Honestly, you will regret not putting that application in. Step out of your comfort zones because you never know what will happen. Being a Prefect is an honour and holds great responsibility.

How would you like to be remembered after graduating from the College? 

As Mrs Wilson-Haffenden’s secretary!

What are your plans after Year 12? 

Growing up, I have always had my heart set on teaching, but recently I have been keeping my options open. I want to go to university and preferably in Tasmania, but I have not set in stone what degree I want to do as yet.

What’s on your weekly timetable? 

This year I am studying Health Studies 3, Food and Nutrition 3, Outdoor Leadership 3 and Certificate II in Sports Coaching. Last year I focused on my core subjects so in my final year of college I could do courses that I was very interested in and had a lot of passion for.

Who or what inspires you? 

My biggest inspiration would have to be Sharni Norder (Layton). Sharni is now a retired Australian sportswoman, but I always admired her growing up. Sharni played netball for Australia and played for Collingwood in the AFLW. When Sharni was still playing netball, my eyes would always be drawn to her. She was a self-motivated player, driven, loud, and her bond with her teammates was inspiring. They loved her and so did the fans. Sharni had her loved ones and sport in mind always, nothing else crossed her path.

I am not one to sit and read a book – I never have been, but her autobiography, ‘No Apologies’, is one I could read over and over again. Sharni was my inspiration growing up and reading this book when I was older really helped me to gain an insight into her personality, soon realising we were very similar. A continued inspiration.

What’s your ‘word of the year’? 

‘Celebrate’ – what we have now and what we will walk away with at the end.


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