2023 Prefects announced

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Meet your new Prefects!

We’re extremely proud to introduce the outstanding group of Year 11 students who have been elected by their peers to lead the College in 2023.

We have no doubt our Prefects will bring passion, enthusiasm and commitment to their new roles of responsibility. Congratulations and good luck to the following students:

Vara Marunda – Head Prefect
Brooke Sice – Deputy Prefect, Prefect for Wellbeing
Jasmine Wallace – Deputy Prefect, Prefect for Events and Communication
Kasota Clayton – Prefect for Academia
Estella Edwards – Prefect for Arts and Culture
Elizabeth Monks – Prefect for Environment and Sustainability
Lara Schultz – Prefect for Identity and Mission
Ellie Atkins – Prefect for Junior School
Hannah Korn – Prefect for Social Justice
Laura Smith – Prefect for Sport
Iris Bouwmeester – Prefect for College
Isabella Thurley – Prefect for Manresa
Ella Robinson – Prefect for Nagle

Harriet Kelly – Prefect for Presentation

We look forward to their formal leadership commissioning ceremony, which will be held at the College at the start of Term 1, 2023.


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