Nagle House

History: In 1981 as the number of students at St Mary’s continued to rise, it was decided to add a fourth House, which after due consultation was named Nagle House. This name was chosen to honour Nano Nagle herself, the foundress of the Presentation Sisters in Ireland in 1775. Nano’s mission was to educate the Catholic children penalised by harsh British penal laws, and to care for the oppressed, the sick and the elderly. This is the mission which the original nine Presentation Sisters sailed halfway across the world to bring to Hobart and beyond.

The name Nagle is a proud one in Irish history and goes back to the Norman invasion of 1170, when the family was granted large tracts of land. When centuries later, most Irish Catholic landowners had their land taken by the British, the family of Nano Nagle appeared to retain land and prosperity. Her father was a landowner and her mother was from a prominent family as well. The Nagle men of Nano’s family were considered faithful and honest men; her brother Joseph, in particular, gave Nano strong moral and financial support in her work, although he feared for her welfare.

Spirit: The members of Nagle House have the example of Nano and her respected family always before them. They value honesty and fair dealings with all others. They honour, in their words and actions, those who may not have had the same opportunities as them, and they are committed to making a better world.

Colour: Green

Value: Honesty and Compassion

Motto: The Latin motto on the flag reads NON VOX SED VOTUM, Success Relies on Actions, Not Words.

Nano Nagle Quote: “Spend yourselves for the poor”

Prayer: Loving God, Nano Nagle did not depend on her inspirational words.  Rather, her success relied on actions.  She had deep respect for every person she met.  From the poverty-stricken and unschooled, to the wealthy and upper class, she showed the same love and concern.  We pray that we will understand the meaning of genuine success in our respectful interactions each day with those around us, regardless of who they are.  Amen.


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