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  • What is BYOD?

    BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a program whereby students will be able to bring a personal laptop to school to use as their primary technological device. The College can provide the ability to connect compatible devices to the wireless network for access to school resources through a filtered Internet service.

  • Are digital devices required for all students in the College?

    Yes. Digital devices are required for those students attending College in Year 7 – 12.

  • Can students use their own device?

    Yes. Students in Years 7 to 12 will be required to use their own device.

Care of device

  • Do I need a case or protective cover for my device?

    Yes. As the student will be carrying and using their device all around the College, it is expected that the device will be housed in either a case or firm protective cover to help protect it from damage.

  • How will students charge their device during the school day?

    It will be the student’s responsibility to ensure the device is charged and operational at the commencement of the school day. It is recommended that students charge their devices overnight to ensure that their device is fully charged from the beginning of the school day. Repeated failure to come prepared may result in appropriate sanctions.


  • How can students connect their device to the College network?

    Instructions in how students can connect their device to the college network can be found in the Guides section. These instructions can be followed at home or anytime that their device has Internet access. Students are expected to understand and manage connecting their device unassisted.

  • How many devices can I enrol?

    Each student is limited to enrolling only one (1) device onto the BYOD program.

    If you are replacing your laptop, and/or want to enrol a new device; follow the Remove your device from the Company Portal guide to remove your previous device from management before attempting to enrol a new device.

    Alternatively, contact the ICT Help Desk to have your previous device un-enrolled before attempting to enrol a new device.

Where to get help

  • Will there be any technical support available at the College?

    Yes. The College has ICT support staff and a Help Desk that students can use for any technical assistance to solve minor issues or problems with software applications.

    The ICT Office is located in room S246A (opposite the entrance to the Resource Centre), and access to these services are available during normal school hours.

  • What should students do if they need their device repaired or serviced?

    It will be the responsibility of the student and/or family to have their device repaired or serviced as these facilities are unable to be conducted by the College ICT support staff.

    For devices under warranty, it is recommended to contact the device manufacturer to organise a repair or service.

    For devices that are out of warranty, St Mary’s College recommend local servicing vendors listed within the Device Requirements — In-store Purchasing and Servicing section.


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