Device requirements

Devices required for the College BYOD programs differ between the Senior and Junior Schools, including minimum device specifications. Select a program name below to see more information.

Device minimum specifications

Listed are minimum specifications that the device required for the Junior School BYOD Program must meet.

Storage32GB or greater
WiFi802.11n compatible
Operating SystemiOS 13 or greater

Find the version of iOS installed on your iPad
AccessoriesProtective case or cover (required)

Headphones (as per Book List)

Suitable devices for Junior School BYOD Program:

  • iPad (current models, excludes iPad mini)
  • iPad Pro (10-11 inch models only)

Device minimum specifications

Listed are minimum specifications that the device required for the Senior School BYOD Program must meet.

Processor (CPU)Intel CeleronIntel Core i3, i5 or greater
Memory (RAM)4GB8GB or greater
Hard Drive (HDD)250GB HDD128GB Solid State Drive (SSD) or greater
WiFi802.11n compatible802.11ac compatible
Screen10″ screen or greater
Battery8 hours or greater
Operating SystemWindows 10 (version 1909 and above) *

Find the version of Windows 10 installed on your PC

macOS (version 10.14 and above)

Find the version of OS X installed on your Mac
AccessoriesKeyboard (required)Protective case or bag
* Excludes Windows 10 S
See: Switching out of S mode in Windows 10

Device purchasing

The College has arrangements with the following vendors, allowing families to purchase devices through them at an educational discount.

Online portal

The following vendors offer online portals for purchasing of devices, accessories and warranties, while providing with a range of different payment options.

Click on the respective vendor to access their device purchasing portal.


JB HiFi portal

JB HiFi Solutions: Products, Services, Advice

School Code: STMARY2021

In-store purchasing and servicing

Iris Connecting Solutions offers in-store sales and technical expertise in purchasing and/or servicing of devices.

A current student card, or College correspondence (that includes a St Mary’s College letterhead) must be presented to receive benefits with this vendors.

IRIS Connecting Solutions


SMC Toolbox

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