What is coaching?

Written by Shelley Medhurst. Posted in Latest Notices/Forms

In 2020 we are very fortunate to have secured a grant for a twelve-month coaching program for our Aboriginal students. This is an exciting new initiative designed to support our students maximise their personal potential.

Meg Barker, who is new to St Mary’s, has been appointed to work with selected students until the end of the school year. Meg has spent her career working within the recruitment profession supporting individuals achieve their career goals and more recently expanded this experience to personal coaching.

The twelve-month coaching program will lead students through a process of self-reflection for them to determine 1-2 key goals that are uniquely important to them. Some students may wish to look at academic goals while others may wish to set goals around physical, social or emotional development.

This is the first time our College has embarked on a student coaching program such as this and we are enormously pleased to be able to offer this rare opportunity to our current Aboriginal students.

For further information on coaching please see the link below.

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Nicky Wakefield


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