Students get savvy about enterprise

Written by SMC Administrator. Posted in Timeline

Usually in Term 2, Year 9 Economics and Business students have the opportunity to plan and run a business as part of the unit. Due to current restrictions, they instead ran an online workshop through the Youth Change Agents’ Academy of Enterprising Girls Virtual Program. St Mary’s College was one of two schools to participate in Tasmania, with support from the event team via live chat and video on Microsoft Teams.

The class took part in this full-day workshop on Friday 19 June. In groups, students participated in a real-world application of the design thinking process. The projects were required to be a response to the situations we now face in light of changes due to COVID-19.

The groups developed some enterprising ideas, including a news ‘fact checker’ app to weed out incorrect COVID-19 updates and only provide the correct and accurate news media for public consumption.

One group created a Dark Mofo-inspired online virtual experience of the highly popular, and very much missed, winter festival, which would feature online artist exhibitions, virtual tours and the ability to purchase items from local businesses that would normally feature at the event.

Another group delved into designing an online platform for protesting social justice issues, including racism, at this time when we cannot hold mass gatherings. The platform would provide a place to attend a live, virtual protest; sign petitions and voice opinions in a forum where they are heard and recognised.

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