Student story shortlisted for young writers’ award

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St Mary’s College is delighted to announce that Year 5 student, Lucy McKenna has been shortlisted for the Redgum Book Club​ Young Writers’ award in the Picture Book category.

Lucy is among just 10 young budding authors from primary schools across Australia to make the finals, and one of only two Tasmanian students shortlisted.

Well done, Lucy – the College is very proud of you. Keep up the good work and best of luck for the finals!

All shortlisted authors are now eagerly anticipating the winning results, which will be announced on March 12, 2018.

You can read Lucy’s winning story below. Enjoy!



Muddy Feet
By Lucy McKenna

Muddy Feet, Muddy Feet, Walking on the ground. Where have they been? Jumping on the ground. Splash Splish, Splish Splash.

Dirty hands, Dirty hands. All covered in dirt. Oh no! Oh no! Don’t wipe them on your shirt.

Messy face, Messy face. How did it get like that?

Mummy cries, “No”. Daddy says, “Oh dear”. They look at each other. Smiling from ear to ear.

” Your hair needs washing, and your feet need scrubbing”
“Go wash your hands and wipe your face, you are such a disgrace”

The soap is bubbling and the tap is running.

What will happen if I call for Mummy?

Mummy walks in and picks me up. She puts me in the bath and starts to scrub.

Bubble, Bubble, Pop, Pop. I really, really want it to stop.

Mum picks me up and wraps me in a towel. What will happen if I call for Dad now?

Daddy puts me in a chair. My hair’s flying everywhere.

“Now get in clean jeans, and grab a nice shirt. Then if you’re lucky, you can get a rubber ducky”

I get changed quickly, and climb in the car.

Look where I’ve been so far. Now for my reward. Hoorah!

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