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Horo, Ashleigh
Student Medical Database and Principal First Aid Officer
Jarvis, Kelly
Year 2 Potoroos class teacher
Jones, Mary-Louise
Librarian, Junior School
Jones, Nina
Year 7-12 Lab Technician
Jordan, Annie
Year 5 Sassafras Class Teacher
Jordan, Clinton
College House Coordinator | Year 7-12 Teacher
Jordan, Kate
HPE Teacher, Junior School
Keen, Angela
Teacher Assistant, Junior School
Keller, Paola
Year 7-12 Teacher
Kidd, Jeremy
ICT Network Officer
Kitchen, Meagan
Kinder Koala's Class teacher | Early Years Coordinator
Knight, Brigid
Director of Junior School
Knott, Tanaz
Sustainability Officer
Lack, Lindy
Year 3-4 Coordinator | Year 4 Bluegum Class Teacher
Lakos, Kate
Nagle House Coordinator | Year 7 - 12 teacher
Lambert, James
Risk and Compliance Manager
Laughlin, Ken
Senior School Teacher
Lawler, Sharon
Religious Education - Learning Area Coordinator (Secondary)
Leamey, Jo
Teacher Assistant Year 6
Lello, Michelle
Human Resource & Finance Manager
Levy, Estelle
Music Teacher, Junior School
Lowe, Alison
Junior School Japanese / Chinese Teacher
Macaulay, Rosaleen
Library Technician
Mann, Frances
Year 7-12 Teacher
Martin, Michelle
Year 7-12 Teacher
Martyn, Leon
Maintenance Staff
Maver, Andrea
School Counsellor
McConnon, Tricia
Teacher Assistant, Design and Technology (Food)
McLachlan-Troup, Tanya
Art Technician, Senior School
McLean, Sue
Senior School Librarian
McLeod, Melissa
Community Relations Manager
Medhurst, Shelley
Communications Officer
Medwin, Fiona
Enrolment Officer
Mitchelmore, Angela
VET & Careers Learning Area Coordinator
Morgan, Danielle
Learning Support Teacher Assistant, Junior School
Mouritz, Chelsea
Manresa House Coordinator | Year 7-12 Teacher
Neeling, Bernadeet
Art Teacher (Year 5 - 9)
Noble, Jenny
Lantern Extension Teacher
O’Brien, Lisa
Personal Assistant to the Principal
O’Reilly, Karen
Payroll Officer
Omant, Heather
Science Learning Area Coordinator
Owens, Cathie
Year 7-12 Teacher
Paske, Lucy
Year 7-12 Teacher
Payne, Elizabeth
Kindergarten Koalas Teacher Assistant
Pelham, Kia
Administration, Principal's Office
Prichard, Ruth
Year 1 Echidnas class teacher | RE Coordinator Junior School
Prokopiec, Natalie
Human Resources Officer
Purdon, Laura
Year 4 Myrtle class teacher | K-2 Letters & Sounds Coordinator
Raward, Claire
Aboriginal Perspectives Officer | Year 7-12 Teacher
Readett, Ruth
Year 3 Gumnuts Class Teacher
Rhodes , Fiona
Sports Administration, Junior School
Rootes, Margaret
College Archivist
Russell, John
Maintenance Manager
Saxton-Hillier, Maryanne
Year 7-12 Teacher
Scavone, Mellina
Year 5 Waratah Class Teacher
Scott-Burgess, Carolyn
Year 7-12 Teacher
Shanny, Nicole
Prep Possums Class teacher
Shearing, Anabel
Year 2 Wombats Class Teacher
Sice, Rachael
Prep Bilbies Teacher Assistant
Sloan, Isabeau
Year 7-12 Teacher
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