SMC to ‘go green’ for World Environment Day

Written by SMC Administrator. Posted in News, Timeline

With World Environment Day just around the corner (Tuesday 5 June 2018), the College’s Senior School is putting out a challenge to students: Can you go an entire day without producing any rubbish?

This may sound like a simple task, but most of us visit a bin multiple times a day. 

On Monday 4 June, students will sign up to tackle the ‘Zero Waste Challenge’ on World Environment Day, earning points for their House in the process. 

To enable full participation on the day, students are encouraged to bring a ‘wrapper-free’ lunch to school.

It is hoped the challenge will spark conversations around the level of rubbish that we produce on a daily basis and help reinforce healthy eating habits, as well as encourage students and families to make small changes to reduce their impact on the environment.

Some ways in which parents can help include: 

  • investing in a ‘nude food’ lunchbox which has compartments for sandwiches, fruit, biscuits and snacks. These are available in most department and school supply schools and can be purchased for under $10. 
  • using re-usable containers, rather than cling film and plastic bags. 
  • buying in bulk and decanting, rather than buying ‘snack-sized’ foods that produce far more plastic packaging. Yoghurt, crackers and biscuits are excellent examples of foods which can be decanted. 
  • buying larger packets, which is usually also far more cost effective per serve, helping not only the environment but also your back pocket! 
  • saying ‘no’ to plastic bags when shopping.
  • starting a conversation in your family about the impact that your daily rubbish production might have on the environment and how you might be able to reduce it! The ABC’s War on Waste can be a great resource to kick-start this discussion. 

Good luck and thank you in advance for supporting this important cause!


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