SMC combatting the War on Waste

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SMC is continuing its ‘War on Waste’ by phasing out single-use whiteboard markers.

Our old disposable markers will be replaced with refillable AusPen markers which feature metal casings, lids made from recyclable post-consumer plastic from discarded ink jet cartridges and ink that is xylene free.

They also come with replaceable nibs and inserts to cater for the inevitable wear and tear of teaching.

Championed by former staff member, Kerry Hennessy, who used his set of AusPens for more than 20 years, the new markers will soon be used by all teaching staff across the College.

As plastics persist in the environment for hundreds of years, every pen makes a difference. And with six fun colours to choose from, they will brighten up any lesson!

Going Green with the Footprint Project

Help us make disposable coffee cups a thing of the past

Last week the SMC Footprint Project conducted an audit of the waste at St Mary’s collected in one day. The group found 31 disposable coffee cups.

That’s 155 disposable coffee cups in a school week! 

Did you know that:

  • Each year 500 000 cars worth of greenhouse gas emissions are emitted by paper cups?
  • 58 billion paper cups are thrown away globally each year?
  • 32 million trees are cut down to produce paper cups?
  • 100 billion litres of water are used to produce paper cups?

To do our bit for the environment, we have decided to design and sell St Mary’s College KeepCups.

By using KeepCups we can save forests, cut waste and tackle climate change!

We will be selling St Mary’s KeepCups to students at the Sustainability Fair on December 6 for $10. What a bargain!

Check out our design below: 










Sarah Thomas, Gracie Pelham, Clare Wanandy, Jasmine Williams, Meg Brewer, Sasha Bennett
Year 3/4 Extension Group

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