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In the January school holidays, Hannah and I travelled to Sydney for the Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia’s Student Leadership Conference. It was exciting to attend the largest all-girls leadership event like this in Australia, at The Women’s College, University of Sydney from 14 – 17 January.

We joined 177 students from 81 girls’ schools worldwide, from across Australia, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, the Philippines and the United States.

Over the course of the week we had some amazing guest speakers that inspired us and everyone there to think about leadership in new and different ways. One that stood out for us was Ben Pettingill. Ben has been 95% blind since he was 16 and has accomplished many wonderful goals such as walking the Kokoda Trail, competing in a Spartan obstacle race and skiing in the fastest water race in the world. His aim is to educate aspiring future leaders with his idea of ‘Limitless Vision’, which teaches people to aspire, educate and act on their goals.

The conference taught us so many things that we can put into action at school, such as time management skills and changing our mindset about leadership. The conference helped us learn who we are as leaders.

At the conference, we were also placed in squads and our mentor Rachel, helped us with figuring out who we are and showed us that it’s okay to not be sure of everything in life after school. Our squad was made up of a nice group of girls from all around Australia. We really bonded and had many laughs and tears through the week as we connected on various experiences and shared our thoughts.

We will be forever grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this event and will always remember the inspiring activities and speakers and what we learnt about ourselves as leaders.

Matilda Noonan and Hannah O’Connell
Year 12

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