Science students scoop up awards

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BHP Foundation Science and Engineering Awards

Australia’s most prestigious school science and engineering competition, the BHP Foundation Science and Engineering Awards recognise and reward the next generation of STEM leaders who have undertaken innovative science or engineering projects.

We are thrilled to announce that the following four students have received state nominations in the Awards for their investigations (which also won gold CREST awards):

Caitlin Marr and Emily Walter (Year 10) for their project on the environmental impact of crack willows in Tasmania.

Eliza Gurney and Adele Harman (Year 10) for their prototype project to alert computer users to poor sitting posture.

Congratulations to all students who entered the Tasmanian Science Talent Search 2020 and received the following prizes:

Themed section

Picture Books – Kinder to Year 2 (Small Group)

First prize: Nina Canning and Amelie Webb (Year 2)

Picture Books – Years 3-4 (Small Group)

First prize: Eliza McCulloch and Annabel Hutchinson (Year 3)

Third prize: Jorgia Eyles and Lucy Breen (Year 4)

Picture Books – Years 3-4 (Individual)

Second prize: Cara Watt (Year 4).

Creative Writing – Years 9-10

First prize: Eve Tsolakidis (Year 10)

Second prize: Emily Walter (Year 10)

Third prize: Caitlin Marr (Year 10)

Photographic Essay – Year 9-10

Merit award: Amelie Cox (Year 10)

Open section – Research, Engineering, Natural Sciences

Research Investigations – Years 7-8 (Small Group)

Second prize: Ada Hauler and Mikayla Penglase (Year 8)

Equal third prize: Isabella Gebka and Maya Westmoreland (Year 8)

Merit award: Ella Edwards, Hannah Nermut-Nichols, Caitlin Wimmer (Year 8), Maggie James, Laura Hanstein and Gertie Frankombe (Year 7)

Research Investigations – Years 7-8 (Individual)

Second prize: Sophia Lumb (Year 7)

Equal third prize: Lillian Scott and Madeleine Ambrose (Year 7)

Merit award: Grace Cox (Year 8)

Research Investigations – Years 9-10 (Small Group)

First prize: Emily Walter and Caitlin Marr (Year 10)

Merit award: Adele Harman and Eliza Gurney (Year 10)

Research Investigations – Year 9-10 (Individuals)

Merit award: Ella M. Scott (Year 10)

*Nb. Some awards in this category are still to be confirmed.

Engineering – Years 9-10 (Small Group)

First prize: Eliza Gurney and Adele Harman (Year 10)

Natural Sciences

First prize: Caitlin Marr and Emily Walter (Year 10)

Special Awards are still to be decided and will be announced once this information is made available.


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