At St Mary’s we believe that pastoral care is a key part of school life, and we take this aspect of education very seriously. St Mary’s College Leadership Team, House Coordinators and Counsellors with committed teams of Homeroom teachers, are pivotal to the health and happiness of the student body.

We acknowledge that learning only takes place in an environment where the learner feels comfortable, so helping students to achieve an optimum degree of comfort in school is a priority.

Another important goal is the idea of connectedness. We encourage the idea of working closely with parents as partners in their daughter’s education, and as we care for our students, we offer support to their parents.

We are continually reviewing our policies and procedures to make sure that we are providing the best possible learning environment and believe that we are giving our students opportunities to grow in confidence.

We also believe that a large helping of fun is important, and we aim to give students the chance to enjoy themselves.

SchoolTV is a wellbeing platform for school communities that addresses the modern-day realities of raising safe, happy and resilient young people using credible information whilst offering realistic and practical strategies.

St Mary’s College now has its very own SchoolTV portal, for sharing articles, videos and journals that support wellbeing with our community.

Best practice content is represented in the latest articles and journals from 48 trusted source organisations in Australia and New Zealand, including Beyond Blue, Headspace and ReachOut.

All SchoolTV topics are divided into series. The number of topics relating to a series will differ and over time new topics will be added. You are invited to take the time to explore each series and topic and make sure you visit the resources section. Here you will find useful factsheets, apps, books, websites and other additional videos – all on one single topic!

Topics include cybersafety, mental health, school survival, healthy body, positive parenting and special topics of timely relevance based on trending topics.

Your Mind Matters

The library of useful resources from the Your Mind Matters collection is still available for you here via the link below, at any time you may wish to refer to a resource.


Our Counsellors, Rachel Sylvester, Taylor Fletcher and Olivia Dorsett are leading the College in our approach to daily student wellbeing and support. Rachel, Taylor and Olivia play a key role in the pastoral care of St Mary’s College Students.

Rachel is available Monday to Friday and focuses on Senior School students. Rachel’s experience as a Social Worker includes Co-ordinating Save the Children Australia’s HIPPY Program and as a Family Support Worker. Working for SASS as a Crisis Counsellor and supporting students in a variety of Tasmanian Government and providing Supervision to UTAS students.

Taylor Fletcher is available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and focuses on Junior School students. Taylor’s experience as a Social Worker has been working for Child Safety Services and non-government agencies since finishing her bachelor’s degree. Taylor has specialised in long term case management of young people in out of-home care, and supporting children, families and foster carers.

Olivia is available Monday to Friday and focuses on Junior School Students. Olivia’s experience as a Social Worker includes working at Lifeline Australia in the role of a Crisis Supporter on the 13 11 14 phone line and she is currently studying a Master of Social Work at UTAS. Olivia has a special interest in crisis support, family support and supporting those who are bereaved by suicide.

Rachel, Taylor and Olivia are committed to helping your child/ren if they are struggling with any aspect of life, and they are keen to communicate with you regarding any concerns for their wellbeing.

To make a confidential appointment or to discuss a concern, contact Rachel Sylvester, Taylor Fletcher or Olivia Dorsett from the SchoolTV homepage or phone the College on (03) 6108 2560.


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