Scholarship scoop ‘out of this world’

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Saakshi (far left) during Relay for Life

Saakshi Dhakal credits St Mary’s College’s sense of community after receiving four scholarships to Australian National University (ANU).

The Year 12 student said she chose to continue at the College for her final years of Senior School because ‘St Mary’s is like a second home’.

‘From all the events I’ve been involved in – from debating to rowing – the community aspect has played a vital part in my school-life.

‘I’ve learnt the important of activism, social justice and community service,’ Saakshi said.

Also passionate about science, Saakshi was drawn to ANU’s ‘flexible double’ study option which ‘allows students to study two undergraduate degrees at the same time and graduate with two qualifications’.

‘I really wanted to do a Bachelor of Economics, and do a science degree as well,’ Saakshi said.

‘At ANU I could put those degrees together.’

With the journey from Hobart to ANU’s campus in Canberra a big – and expensive – move, Saakshi, with some help from VET and Carers Coordinator Angela Mitchelmore, decided to apply for scholarships.

Her hard work paid off when she was award four scholarship – Australian Excellence Scholarship (awarded to three people in each state or territory), the College of Business and Economics Regional and Rural Relocation Scholarship (offered to 10 people nation-wide), the Allrounder Scholarship (awarded to 50 people in Australia), and the St Mary’s College Scholarship which was established in 2018 by College alumni.

When she was given multiple scholarship for her academic achievements, Saakshi had to then mark the hard decision – which ones to take.

‘I’ve accepted the Australian Excellence and Regional and Rural Relocation scholarships,’

‘It means that all my accommodation is covered – so I only have to worry about my HECS debt,’ she said.

With her hopes set on a job as an astrophysicist at Australia’s space agency, the sky’s no limit for Saakshi.

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