Rowing Blessing of the Boats

Written by Michaela Brighella. Posted in Featured News, Newsletter

It was certainly a very different season for rowers this year and all have stood strong and competed wholeheartedly in the events that did take place. Congratulations to all rowers on a wonderful season and to the following students:

Maddison, Sophie, Hannah and Kate (Year 12), the Open Rowers who received the Golden Oars award. These students have represented the St Mary’s College rowing team for six years. What an amazing rowing legacy!

Eliza, Jessica, Tehya, Cecilia, Felicity, Holly, Cara and Holly (Year 10) who received their Open Rowing badges. Best of luck for the next season of rowing.

The rowing team also celebrated the Blessing and Naming of the Boats on Sunday. Announcements were made for the Captain of Boats, Amelia Roberts and Deputy Gabby Woodhouse. Congratulations to you both!
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