Record-breaking performance at JSSATIS Athletics Carnival

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What a day we had at the recent JSSATIS Athletics Carnival!

Following a false start on Thursday 16 November due to inclement weather, SMC’s 385 athletes were keener than ever to stretch their legs on the track and field, with the rain holding off just enough for the carnival to go ahead on the Friday (November 17).

Not only were our young competitors blessed with sunny, and even warm conditions by the afternoon, but we also had a number of stand-out performances on the day.

Jessica Smith (Year 4)

In particular, Jessica Smith (Year 4) put in an impressive performance, breaking the Year 4 girls’ 800m record – the longest-standing record on the JSSATIS program.

Jess crossed the line with a time of 2:52.06, managing to beat the previous record time of 2:53.50, which was set in 2004!

Well done to the following students:

Maddison Cains: High jump – 3rd.
Emma Grubb: High jump – 2nd.
Isabelle Hoggett: High jump – 3rd.
Isobel Gray: 400m – 1st (.3 of a second off the record), long jump – 3rd, 100m – 1st, 100m relay – 2nd, high jump – 3rd, 200m – 1st.
Grace Fogarty: High jump – 1st.

A special mention must also go to the following students who participated in up to five events on the day. While some may have missed out on a place, they all put in 100 per cent in every event and should be commended for their efforts.

  • Kendra Vizer: 1500m, 400m, 100m, 100m relay, 200m, long jump.
  • Nyah Hall: 400m, 100m – 4th, 100m relay, 200m – 3rd, 800m.
  • Mia Anderson: Vortex – 5th, long jump, 100m – 2nd, 100m relay – 2nd, 200m – 2nd.
  • Bree Steele: 100m – 1st, 100m relay – 2nd, 200m – 4th, 800m.
  • Penny Williams: 400m – 3rd, 100m – 2nd, 100m relay – 3rd, 200m – 3rd.
  • Mackenzie Graves: Vortex, 100m – 1st, 100m relay – 3rd, 200m – 1st.

A big congratulations to all the girls who participated in the carnival. They represented St Mary’s College with excellence and never failed to show each other respect and support, both on and off the track/field. We are very proud of them.

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