Art installation brings colour and vibrancy to school grounds

Written by SMC Administrator. Posted in Featured News, News, Timeline

IMG_3872We are pleased to announce that the art installation created by visiting indigenous artist, Reuben Oates and students of St Mary’s College is now complete.

The artwork is a contemporary dot painting which depicts the symbolism of the Hobart region with Mt Wellington/kunanyi as a silhouette.

The native Tasmanian animals featured include nine platypi, which represent the nine nations of Tasmanian Aborigines.

The handprints are significant as they embody the students’ signature and denote their connectedness to the land, while the circles portray sources of life connected to each element of the painting.

A seventh-generation Aboriginal and descendant of Mannalargenna (the chief of the Ben Lomond tribe during Tasmania’s colonial settlement), Reuben uses colours of the rainbow to showcase the vibrancy and energy of living things.

We will be welcoming Reuben again to our College for a ‘grand opening’ of the artwork and look forward to keeping you updated about this exciting event. 


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