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It’s an interesting juxtaposition to visit the website of a College as old as we are, going back 152 years! With our rich heritage, we pride ourselves on being a contemporary place of learning. Our learning vision is Growing our love of learning, which recognises that every person has an innate love of learning, we can all grow it, and as a learning community we foster that together.

In the Reception area of the College we have a lovely quote that encapsulates this place. It says:

‘Who is a St Mary’s College girl? When your daughter graduates from St Mary’s at the end of Year 12 we aspire for her to be a savvy young woman. For her to be articulate, a problem solver who thinks outside the square, pursues excellence in her career aspirations and is comfortable with change. We aspire for her to be compassionate, with a deep sense of social justice and an understanding of the importance of contributing to the community. We wish for her to go one pace beyond in all pursuits.’

As a Catholic school we recognise our human capacity, and Jesus’ desire for us to live life to the full. We take a holistic approach to that. Each person has a body, a mind and a spirituality that can grow and learn; we are social beings who feel and relate and who develop with age. A Catholic education addresses all these aspects of a person and at St Mary’s we nurture these aspects through a range of offerings and attitudes you will find present on our website. We are fortunate to continue in the footsteps of and in collaboration with the Presentation Sisters in this work of Catholic Education.

We subscribe to Carol Dweck’s work on a growth mindset and explicitly work with students to have a growth mindset about all aspects of their learning.

We celebrate success, community, service, effort, attitude, compassion and the environment! We endeavour to help each child and young person to love themselves, love others and love God. We harness resilience and grit to empower girls and women to be all the can and wish for.

In 2020 we are focusing on our ecological and environmental gifts and responsibilities through our school theme, Our Common Home.

May the Wisdom of Sophia guide us and bless us in 2020!

Helen Spencer

St Mary’s College – Intro from St Mary’s College on Vimeo.

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