Plastic Free July: Wrap Up

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There has been a lot of wide-spread debate over single-use plastics for a while. Now that Plastic Free July is over, it could be the perfect opportunity to continue reducing your use of single-use plastics.

Plastic Free July is an initiative that began in 2011 Western Australia, with the aim of encouraging people to ditch plastics in hopes of ‘seeing a world free from plastic waste’.

Throughout the years, millions of people have taken on the challenge of giving up plastic for the month of July or even extending it for longer periods of time with 120 million people over 177 countries participating in 2018.

The message of the challenge is to learn to refuse plastic products that are not necessary for our everyday lives and instead adopt alternatives that help save our environment. This also includes disposable or recyclable plastics since most of the time, they also wind up in landfill.

Through the new Plastic Free July website, you can stay up-to-date, and learn more about alternatives and how to spread it around in your community. There are some great tips about how to manage plastic-free in various environments such as the workplace, school and home! You receive emails throughout the month with encouragement and tips. It can be as easy as bringing your own container when you order takeaway foods or drinks to swapping plastic bin liners for newspaper. They even provide a list of the most common plastics hidden in our everyday lives, ways to cut it out of your life and the effect that plastic has on our planet, this can be very useful in helping to plan how much you are going to challenge yourself for the month.

Just by carrying your own reusable water bottle with you means that you can help reduce the 300 million single-use plastic bottles that Australians send to landfill each year! Whilst this challenge takes a bit of planning beforehand, it is very worthwhile and can help get you into the habit of refusing single-use plastics and saving our environment!

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