Parents and Friends’ Association

The Parents and Friends’ Association provides a forum to:

  • engage in a spirit of cooperation with the life of the College.
  • promote genuine fellowship between parents, staff and friends of the College.
  • assist in the provision of the College’s facilities and teaching resources.
  • actively partner and contribute to their child’s educational experiences.

The Parents and Friends’ Association will support the St Mary’s School community with their participation in the Families Welcome, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day events in 2020.

The Parents and Friends’ Association often seek volunteers for key College events and our community members make a beneficial contribution to these. Please contact our Parents and Friends’ Association via the email below if you would like to participate and support an upcoming event. We’d love to see you there!

Thank you,

P&F Association

“If I could be of service in serving souls in any part of the world, I would gladly do all in my power.”

– Nano Nagle

Contact the P&F

If you would like to contact the P&F please email

Families Welcome Event

It was wonderful to see everyone having lots of fun at the Families Welcome Event on Wednesday 19 February. Families had an enjoyable evening with a delicious barbecue, a jumping castle, outdoor play and lots of great conversations. Thank you to all helpers, the Senior band and the Parents and Friends’ Association who provided the food, beverages, cooking and organised the jumping castle, for such a nice night.


Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Breakfasts

The upcoming Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Breakfasts, which are hosted by the Parents and Friends’ Association, are highly anticipated in the College events calendar. Dates will be shared in due course by email and in The Fountain newsletter. We hope to see you there!


Minutes and reports



Contributions to the school





Playground equipment (K-12) usage $20,000
  Furniture (Years 3-5) $27,000
  Portable staging equipment $13,000

Total 2019:



 Tournament of Minds $2,500
  Welcome to SMC Evening $746.82
  Father’s Day Breakfast $1,249.60
  Mother’s Day Breakfast $206.97

Total 2018:



Art kiln $5,000

Adrian Doyle Chapel (3rd and final instalment)


Playground equipment


Bean bags


Junior School play equipment (blocks)


Screen on the Green donation towards screen hire


Presentation Sisters Mission


Sponsor Child


Water Polo caps


Mother’s Day breakfast Year 12 donation


Hosted Welcome Evening – February


Hosted Father’s Day breakfast – August


Hosted SMC high tea – August


Total 2017:



Grand piano


Adrian Doyle Chapel (2nd Instalment)



PE Smart Boards


Principal’s Discretionary Fund



Water polo caps


Staff Well Being



Speaker for the Year 11/12 Common Room



Sustainability Garden



Presentation Sisters Mission


SMC Sponsor Child



Total 2016:



Assistance with Presentation Sisters Mission in PNG



Carlo Fernandez Sponsor Child (from 2011-2015)



Adrian Doyle Chapel (1st Instalment)



SVC/SMC/GYC Rowing Club



Total 2015:



Equipment for SMC/SVC/GYC Rowing Sheds Amount $400 



Purchase of three interactive whiteboards for Junior School



Total 2014:



SMC Sports Department (Knockout Cup)

Library, PE Department and Principal’s Discretionary Fund 

Playground redevelopment



Playground redevelopment

Library, PE Department and Principal’s Discretionary Fund

Women in science hanging wall prints, microscope and recycled plastic seating in College Green area 



Library, PE Department and Principal’s Discretionary Fund



SMC Sports Department

SMC reflection area below parapet

SMC-Cyber bullying effort

Library, PE Department and Principal’s Discretionary Fund
























































































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