Parents & Friends Association

 The SMC Parents and Friends provides a forum to:

  • engage in a spirit of cooperation with the life of the College.
  • promote genuine fellowship between parents, staff and friends of the College.
  • assist in the provision of the College’s facilities and teaching resources.
  • actively partner and contribute to their child’s educational experiences.

The Parents and Friends Association runs a variety of social and fundraising events and proceeds go directly to providing additional facilities for the students.

Be part of the Parents and Friends Association by attending meetings, providing assistance or being available for feedback. We look forward to your input.

Thank you,

P&F Association

“If I could be of service in serving souls in any part of the world, I would gladly do all in my power.”

– Nano Nagle

Grand Bazaar, St Mary’s College
Sunday 21 October 

It’s almost time for our next big 150th anniversary event – the Grand Bazaar! Taking place on Sunday 21 October, the event – which is an initiative of the College’s Parents and Friends Association – is exactly like the regular school fair, but with a bit more of an ‘old school’ flair, as it acknowledges the very first fundraiser for St Mary’s College 150 years ago (also called the Grand Bazaar). 

Planning for the fair is well underway, but the P&F is in urgent need of volunteers and assistance, including stall helpers and donations for the chocolate wheel. 

If you have any suggestions for stalls, games, activities or entertainment, the P&F would also love to hear from you.

How can you help make our fair a ‘grand success’?

  • Attend our Grand Bazaar meetings and help with planning and ideas.
  • Assist with organising or picking up items needed for the day.
  • Assist with set-up on the day, or contribute an hour or two to running a stall or activity.
  • Make a donation of cash, goods or services towards the event. 

If you can lend a hand, please email P&F President, Stacey Daley: 

Can you spare a glass jar? 

The P&F is currently on the lookout for glass jars that could be used for a ‘lucky jars’ fundraising stall at the fair. If you have any empty, unused glass jars sitting in your pantry, please consider donating these to the committee (donations can be dropped off at Student Services). The more jars you can save, the merrier!

Mother’s Day Breakfast

The Mother’s Day Breakfast held on Wednesday 9 May 2018 was a fabulous success, with lots of children sharing pancakes and fruit with their mothers and special friends.

Big thanks must go to the P&F fathers who organised the event, with special thanks to Dylan Smith for making and donating the pancakes; Phil Cox for keeping the ladies happy with his coffee, and granddad, Glen Woolley for helping on the day.

We can’t wait until Father’s Day, so we can return the favour and spoil our dads!

More photos are on the College website gallery:

Family fun on the Green…

The sun was shining, sausages were sizzling, conversations were flowing and children’s delighted squeals could be heard from across the College Green – we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setting for our Welcome to SMC Evening!

Thank you to all of you who attended on Thursday 22 February. It was lovely to see so many familiar faces and to welcome new families to the SMC community.


Click here to view more photos from the evening.


Thank you and farewell

This report comes tinged with sadness as it will be my last as President of the Parents and Friends Association. As of next Tuesday 7 November, I will have completed my three-year term and, hopefully handed over the reins to another parent.

It will also mean that I am also coming to the last few weeks of been a parent at SMC after 12 years. I can honestly say that both my daughter, Meg, and I have thoroughly enjoyed our years at SMC. In those years there have been five P&F presidents: Sue Gourlay, Julia Goss, Roger Dixon, Nicole Williams and myself. The Association has organised fairs, quiz nights, afternoon teas, welcome evenings, a Father’s Day breakfast and many more functions and fundraising initiative, all of which were primarily designed to build on the sense of community at the College.

Nano Nagle, our foundress, laid the foundations of this community many years ago in Ireland, and at SMC it began with the Presentation sisters, 149 years ago. In their own way, each President and their committee carried Nano’s symbolic lantern. I hope that in some way my committee and I have achieved the same success.

I would like to thank all of the parents and family members who have supported the P&F over the years. Whether your support has been in the form of buying raffle tickets, helping to set up a fair, or donating an item for the chocolate wheel, it all goes towards a common cause – your child’s education.

Through its many fundraising ventures, the P&F has contributed significantly to the College, benefitting both Junior and Senior School students, staff and departments.

I would encourage anybody reading this to become involved in the P&F in some way. Your child will ultimately gain from your involvement.

A reminder that the AGM is next Tuesday 7 November in the SRC at 7.00pm. The positions of President and Treasurer will be vacated. We will also welcome new committee members. Nominations can be found on the College website under the P&F section.

Yours faithfully,

Jo Messer

2018 Committee members

Executive Committee

Stacey Daley            President
Jo Edwards              Vice President      
Steve Isaac              Treasurer 
Karen Cooper          Secretary

General Members

Robyn Partridge
Simon Edwards
Andrew Pinelli
Fil De Cesare
Anet De Cesare
Mandy O’Connell
Tony O’Connell
Katrina Berry
Deanne Lamb
Keren Golab

Contact the P&F

If you would like to contact the P&F please email or come along to our next meeting.

P&F Meeting Dates for 2018

Note: All Parents and Friends meetings will now be held on Monday evenings commencing at 5.30pm in the Student Resource Centre.

  • Tuesday February 13 (due to public holiday)
  • March 19
  • April 16
  • May 14
  • June 25
  • August 13
  • September 10
  • October 15 – Designated Fair meeting
  • October 29 – AGM only
  • November 12 – Final meeting

Minutes and Reports


Contributions to the school





Art kiln $5,000

Adrian Doyle Chapel (3rd and final instalment)


Playground equipment


Bean bags


Junior School play equipment (blocks)


Screen on the Green donation towards screen hire


Presentation Sisters Mission


Sponsor Child


Water Polo caps


Mother’s Day breakfast Year 12 donation


Hosted Welcome Evening – February


Hosted Father’s Day breakfast – August


Hosted SMC high tea – August


Total 2017:



Grand piano


Adrian Doyle Chapel (2nd Instalment)



PE Smart Boards


Principal’s Discretionary Fund



Water polo caps


Staff Well Being



Speaker for the Grade 11/12 Common Room



Sustainability Garden



Presentation Sisters Mission


SMC Sponsor Child



Total 2016:



Assistance with Presentation Sisters Mission in PNG



Carlo Fernandez Sponsor Child (from 2011-2015)



Adrian Doyle Chapel (1st Instalment)



SVC/SMC/GYC Rowing Club



Total 2015:



Equipment for SMC/SVC/GYC Rowing Sheds Amount $400 



Purchase of three interactive whiteboards for Junior School



Total 2014:



SMC Sports Department (Knockout Cup)

Library, PE Department and Principal’s Discretionary Fund 

Playground redevelopment



Playground redevelopment

Library, PE Department and Principal’s Discretionary Fund

Women in science hanging wall prints, microscope and recycled plastic seating in College Green area 



Library, PE Department and Principal’s Discretionary Fund



SMC Sports Department

SMC reflection area below parapet

SMC-Cyber bullying effort

Library, PE Department and Principal’s Discretionary Fund
























































































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