Order in the Supreme Court

Written by Michaela Brighella. Posted in Featured News

During Term 4, Year 9 students studying Law and Politics have been learning about the justice system, including the role of the courts. In this unit, they have discussed a range of justice issues in the Australian court system and investigated their own choice of court case, judging whether the justice system has upheld the rule of law principles.

On Monday 25 November, they were lucky enough to attend a trial at the Supreme Court to see these principles in action, accompanied by our Legal Studies expert, Angela Deconinck. The criminal case helped students to understand how a trial is conducted, including the role of the jury, the use of evidence and how the defence and prosecution question key witnesses. Additionally, students were able to see the range of ways studying Law and Politics or Legal Studies could contribute to future career paths, from the forensics police officer, the lawyers, the judge, the clerks and the journalists covering the case.

The Year 9 students were very respectful during their visit and many members of the public were impressed by their maturity. The court visit provoked some interesting discussion about the arson case itself and the complexities of the court system. We are also very grateful for the expertise and time of Angela Deconinck to help make this excursion possible and to accompany the group.

Students studying Civics and Citizenship, Law and Politics and Legal Studies are provided with many opportunities to witness justice in action by visiting the different courts, meeting with politicians and legal experts, hearing from lobby groups and investigating current issues in Australia today.

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