SSATIS Cross Country – the results are in!

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St Mary’s College runners took to the track on Wednesday 26 May to compete in the Southern Sports Association of Tasmania Independent Schools (SSATIS) Cross Country.

This year’s event was held at the Queens Domain, with all students showing great strength and determination as they tackled the new course under challenging conditions.

Keep reading below for a wrap up from our Sports Coordinator – Senior School, Mia Blignaut.

Open runners.

Well, where do I start? To say this year’s Southern SATIS Cross Country was simply one of the best, most enjoyable, cruisy—yet super exciting—events of its kind, is an understatement.

Yes, we walked away with a swag of individual and team trophies (which resulted in one very happy Sports Coordinator!), but it was more so the overall team spirit and camaraderie that made the day such a big success. Every single runner tried their best and left nothing out on the course. As staff, that is what we love to see and couldn’t ask for anything else. I am a firm believer that if you’re having fun and enjoying what you do, the results will be there and that’s exactly what happened on the day. It was also really great to see everyone supporting their teammates at the finish.

I would like to highlight some outstanding results from a number of students who finished in the top 20 of their age groups:

U13: Total of 88 runners
1st – Billie Salter
2nd – Alet Le Grange
3rd – Kate Fox
11th – Zarah McLeod
14th – Penny Williams
15th – Anna Clingeleffer

U14: Total of 86 runners
1st – Jess Smith
18th – Halina Dadswell-Booth
19th – Nathalie and Charlotte Elischer

U15: Total of 76 runners
1st – Cate Clingeleffer
5th – Issy Hoggett
9th – Holly Teale
13th – Emma Grubb
18th – Mykala Mastrocola

U16: Total of 76 runners
16th – Charlotte Butler

Opens: Total of 34 runners
5th – Cecilia Hutchinson
11th – Charlotte Chambers
16th – Phoebe Teale

A big shoutout to all of the U14 and U15 Age Group runners who helped us win both those age groups, which in turn led to St Mary’s taking out the Junior (Year 7-10) Shield. This is the first time in 26 years that we’ve won it, how incredible is that!

A honourable mention goes out to the U14s who finished 2nd after St Michael’s Collegiate School in their Age Group Pennant.

Lastly, I’d like to thank the following people in particular:

Thank you to Mr Jarvis and Mrs Matsouris for doing an amazing job as course marshals at the turning point of the course. Their updates on how the runners were going were really helpful, plus they didn’t lose a single runner, which is always a bonus!

Thank you also to Mr Jarvis for ‘Uber-ing’ the Year 11 and 12s to and from the carnival. He even went ‘one pace beyond’ and did a quick stop at Maccas for them afterwards!

Thank you to Ms Harris who did an excellent job as the resident team paparazzi as well as chief organiser on the day. We now have some lovely snaps to show all the fun we had and as a bonus, no one missed their race!

Lastly, a big thank you to our amazing College Captains, Phoebe Teale and Amelia Roberts who spent the day cheering on runners, carting mountains of jackets back to the tent after every start, keeping the team well stocked up on sugar and finally, being amazing role models for the future captains coming through.

I really hope each and everyone had a great day out and that you’re already looking forward to next year’s SSATIS Carnival. I know I am.

Mia Blignaut
Sports Coordinator – Senior School


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