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After many months of hard work and dedication, Years 7–10 students showcased their research investigations at the Science and Engineering Awards ceremony at the University of Tasmania last week, at the end of Term 3.

Students chose a topic or real-world problem to investigate using scientific methods of inquiry and experimentation, and then produced a scientific report to illustrate their findings.

‘This was a fantastic opportunity for our students, encouraging them to work independently, think creatively, collaborate with a group and come up with a solution,’ St Mary’s College Learning Area Coordinator – Science, Karen Walter said.

‘The range of projects for 2021 has been outstanding with students investigating issues such as the cleanliness of Hobart’s beaches, the impact of drinks on tooth enamel, the effect of different soil conditions on the growth of bean plants, the biodegradation of newspaper, and the concentration of vitamin C in various foods,’ Mrs Walter said.

Congratulations to the following students on their amazing results from the awards evening.

These 11 projects were selected from over 90 projects. This is an outstanding achievement, with the students been judged by a team of scientists from various disciplines. At the awards ceremony, all were congratulated on the standard of their report, the presentation of their board and their confidence in being able to articulate their ideas to a scientist.

The St Mary’s College student results are as follows:

Agricultural Science (Year 8 to 10) Section

Runner Up Award – Jessica Ransley (Year 9) and Isabelle Hoggett (Year 9)

Engineering Section (Year 9 to 10)

Runner Up Award – Emma Grubb (Year 9) and Madeleine Grubb (Year 9)

Environmental and Marine Science Section (Year 8 to 10 Section)

Runner Up Award – Amelia Dickman (Year 8) and Lucinda Coutts (Year 8)

Health and Wellbeing Section (Year 7 and 8)

Honourable Mention – Matilda Wise (Year 7)

Runner Up Award – Madeleine Ambrose (Year 8)

Best project – Lillian Scott (Year 8)

Health and Wellbeing (Year 9 to 10)

Honourable Mention – Isla Lee (Year 9), Asha Lee (Year 9) and Jessica Skinner (Year 9)

Physical Science Section (Year 7 to 9)

Honourable Mention – Holly Ward (Year 9), Maya Armstrong (Year 9) and Isabella Mihal (Year 9)

Runner Up Award – Sofia Lumb (Year 8)

Physical Science Section (Year 10 to 12)

Honourable Mention – Kasota Clayton (Year 10) and Eve Tsolakidis (Year 11)


All boards will be on display in the Science labs during the last week of Term 3 and first week of Term 4.  Well done to all students on your fantastic work!


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