Dog detectives on patrol with Year 9 Science

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Year 9 Science students have received a lesson in smell detection, thanks to the work of local pooches, Remy, Ted and Pisco.

The professional sniffer dogs, who are trained by Canine Nose Work in Hobart, put students through their paces on Wednesday 26 May as they demonstrated one of their most incredible talents—their acute sense of smell.

Students were fascinated to learn that a canine’s sense of smell is nothing to be sniffed at.

Dogs can detect a range of emotions, such as fear, anxiety and even sadness, in humans.

While we cannot ‘smell’ objects that are unscented, our four-legged companions, who have a further 100,000-plus smell receptors compared to humans, can identify odours associated with pregnancy, allergies, sugar, glucose levels for diabetics, electronics, electricity, money and even coronavirus.

The visit formed part of the students’ unit on learning about the senses, but we’re sure they also took a few fun dog-related facts away with them.



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