Connecting with families and the College

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At a time of reduced contact at the College, and various ongoing work and other commitments, the opportunity to connect with one another can be rare. St Mary’s College is developing some plans, however, to help connect families with each other and the College and build a sense of community.

The initiative of connecting our families was originally named ‘Presentation Families’ to represent our values of hospitality, simplicity and compassion. It has been suggested, however, that the name may form associations with a church or bible study style gathering, creating a misconception among parents and carers that it is a church pastoral group. The aim is to form a parent social club of sorts, with the key focus to provide a way for our families to socialise and connect with each other and the College.

We welcome a name change which can be discussed at the upcoming gathering. If you have a suggestion in the meantime, please email

You are invited to attend our next get-together on Wednesday 25 August at 5.30pm, where we can enjoy some light refreshments and speak about ideas to connect as a community and plans to use the current accrued funding.

New faces are very welcome to attend the gathering, which will take place in the College Boardroom. Microsoft Teams access will be provided for those who would like to join remotely. Please register your attendance here.


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