Book Week 2021

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The English Department and the SRC were thrilled to celebrate an action-packed Book Week recently (Monday 23 August to Friday 27 August).

The week started with a visit from ABC rural reporter David Barnott-Clement. David ran a writing workshop for students interested in the ABC Heywire Competition and worked with them to craft a personal story about something that they are passionate about.

St Mary’s College is proud to be the ABC Tasmanian Story Writing School for 2021 and we hope this year we will continue to contribute to this wonderful competition.

On Wednesday our annual Book Week parade took place. This involved a record number of Senior School teachers and students dressed as their favourite characters.

Prizes for the best teachers’ costumes went to the Lantern Team for their incredible Wizard of Oz outfits and Mrs Paske as a character from The Giver.

The Lorax team won the group prize and Phoebe Teale (Year 12) won the best individual costume for her wonderful Bob the Builder costume.

The Senior School also had the pleasure of reading to students in the Junior School in our annual ‘Drop Everything and Read’ morning.

Visit our online gallery here for more Book Week parade photos.

The annual staff versus student Book Week Debate took place on Thursday with the highly contested topic of ‘Controversial novels should not be taught in schools’. The students, on the affirmative team, narrowly defeated the teachers.

Thank you to teachers Mr Clarke, Ms Goldsworthy, Ms Fraser, Ms Butler, Mr Del Pio and Mr Clinton and congratulations to students Emily Keane, Miranda Guy, Alyssa Lee, Ava McCoull (Year 12), Grace Cox (Year 9) and Sophie Raudino (Year 8).

Our final event for Book Week was the inaugural Slam Poetry Competition where students were given the opportunity to write and perform their own poetry. The competition was won by Miranda Guy (Year 12) and Lily Ransley (Year 11).

Thank you to all students and teachers who shared their original poems, and to the wonderful audience who attended the event.

A number of students have also entered the SMC Writing Competition and Pet Reading Competition, and the winners of these completions will be announced shortly.

Thank you to everyone who made Book Week an eventful and enjoyable week.

Lorise Clark
Learning Area Coordinator – English


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