2021 Humanities Conference

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A dedicated group of English/HaSS teachers (Gillian Goldsworthy, Lorise Clark, Selena Eaves, Catherine Sandric, Chelsea Mouritz, Hannah Carter and Debbie Claridge) attended the Humanities Teachers’ Conference, ‘Redefining our Place’, in Launceston on Saturday 20 March.

The conference gave teachers the opportunity to look at new ways in which to foster students’ sense of self and belonging in our rapidly changing world.

A number of university academics and teachers shared their knowledge in a diverse range of English, History and Geography topics such as ancient civilisations, civics and citizenship, non-fiction and creative writing. Each presentation was an opportunity to think about fostering connection with the human experience.

Chelsea presented an informative and inspirational talk on literacy. In front of a packed audience, she shared her knowledge of how to support students through disciplinary literacy in order to access critical and higher order thinking.

The workshop focused on deepening teachers’ conceptual understanding of disciplinary literacy and implementing specific literacy strategies to support students in comprehending and responding to growing literacy demands.

The teachers who attended the conference are extremely grateful to the support given to them by the College to deepen their professional development. It was also a wonderful opportunity to learn from, and develop connections with, colleagues from schools and colleges from around the state and with the University of Tasmania.

Lorise Clark
Learning Area Coordinator – English and Language


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