Term dates


1Year 7 students, new Year 8-12 students, all Year 11 and 12 studentsMonday 1 FebruaryFriday 9 April

Monday 8 February: Regatta Day public holiday

Monday 8 March: Eight Hours Day public holiday

Tuesday 9 March: Student Free Day/Study Day (Moderation Day)

Friday 2 April -
Tuesday 6 April: Easter break

Kinder Wallabies commence (refer below to detailed start times and days)Monday 1 February:
Friday 9 April
All students (except for Kinder Koalas)Tuesday 2 FebruaryFriday 9 April
Kinder Koalas commence (refer below to detailed start times and days) AThursday 4 February: 8.45am-12.30pmFriday 9 April
2All studentsMonday 26 AprilFriday 2 July

Monday 14 June: Queen’s Birthday public holiday

3All studentsMonday 19 JulyFriday 24 September

Friday 24 September: Student Free Day/Study Day (Staff Spirituality Day)

4All studentsMonday 11 OctoberThursday 9 December

Thursday 21 October: Royal Hobart Show Day

Friday 22 October: Student Free Day/Study Day

Thursday 9 December: Senior School Prize Giving
Business Office closes: Wednesday 22 December

Kinder start times 2021

1Kinder Wallabies Monday 1 February: 8.45am-12.30pm
Kinder Wallabies Tuesday 2 February: 8.45am-12.30pm
Kinder Wallabies commence full daysWednesday 3 February
Kinder Koalas Thursday 4 February: 8.45am-12.30pm
Kinder Koalas Friday 5 February: 8.45am-12.30pm
Kinder Koalas commence full days Wednesday 10 February

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