Meet you at Murphy’s!

Written by Michaela Brighella. Posted in Newsletter

We are excited to announce that the new name of our College canteen is, drum roll please…da, da, da, da…Murphy’s

The name was inspired by Mother Murphy who was the first Principal of St Mary’s College.

In 1866, perceiving a great need in the fledgling colony for spiritual guidance, Bishop Daniel Murphy arranged for the Mother Superior of the Presentation Order (who happened to be his own sister), to travel from Ireland to bring Nano Nagle’s mission to far-off Hobart Town.

On 3 February 1868, the little school of Mount St Mary’s (as we were then known) received its first pupils. 

This name was nominated by our Director of Curriculum (Secondary), Wendy Forsyth. Great idea, Wendy! 

Have you heard the other exciting news about our canteen? While celebrating the naming of Murphy’s, we are also very pleased to share the Junior School has been awarded gold level standard for its canteen menu by the Tasmanian School Canteen Association. 

The Senior School is currently awarded silver by the Tasmanian School Canteen Association and is working towards gold accreditation.

The new name is now proudly on display at the location of all the yummy things made at St Mary’s…Murphy’s!

See you at Murphy’s! ‘Meet you at Murphy’s for a hot choc’, that sure has a nice ring to it!

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