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  • Why does it have to be an iPad?

    After a period of review and consultation, the iPad was viewed as a suitable device to meet the current educational needs in the classroom. As most other Catholic Primary schools in Tasmania had already embarked on similar programs it allowed us the opportunity for accessing shared teacher professional development and learning from colleagues in nearby schools.

    It is considered most effective and efficient that the students in a primary class have access to the same type of device, allowing teachers to utilise teaching and learning apps that will work the same way on everyone’s device.

    Accommodating different types of technology will detract from the teaching and learning program; with many complications in the management of technology in the learning – especially in the younger years.

  • What sort of iPad should I chose?

    Please refer to Device Requirements – Junior School Program for minimum device specifications and suitable devices.

  • What about issues with too much technology access, such as technology addiction?

    This is a continuing concern in our community with students of all ages. It is something that we believe is serious too. It is important you stay aware of your child’s habits, and notice any behaviour changes or challenges around the use of technology. Communicating with your child’s teacher will be important if you are becoming concerned about the use of technology and your child’s behaviours.

    Each student and parent/guardian will sign an Acceptable Use Agreement at the start of the year which will include such things as:

    • No iPads in the bedroom;
    • Device use limited to a set amount of time;
    • Setting a curfew on technology use in the evenings.

    Many good resources about managing technology usage, cyber bullying and safety online can be found under Cyber Safety.


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