Lantern Program

At St Mary’s College the Lantern Program is imbued with the tradition and spirit of the Presentation Sisters encapsulating the ethos and charism of our foundress, Nano Nagle. The word ‘charism’, when understood as a special gift that inspires energy and passion and which is handed down to us as members of our unique 21st century Presentation community, is very important in our work. Charism inspires us as we endeavour to meet the needs of students who, for any reason, are challenged to reach their learning potential, who need to be extended in their learning or who need special cultural support.

The Lantern Program supports students from Kindergarten to Year 12. It includes Literacy and Numeracy support and extension, English as Another Language as well as individual programs for student with disabilities. Special extension programs include Tournament of the Minds and Maths Olympiad. Students of Aboriginal descent are encouraged to celebrate their heritage along with all members of the school community who acknowledge the traditional owners of the land and pay respect to Aboriginal elders and custodians of our land in Tasmania.

Teachers are able to refer a child for formal assessment by Lantern Program teachers. These assessments in general ability, auditory processing, reading accuracy, comprehension, Spelling and Numeracy are administered after consultation with parents and the child’s teachers. Students can also be referred to outside agencies for specialist assessments.

Students are given the opportunity to work individually or in small groups in the Lantern Program teaching rooms with dedicated and highly skilled members of the Lantern Program team, who also work, on occasion, collaboratively in classrooms with class and subject teachers.

Students who are included in a Lantern program are assessed alongside their peers using formative and summative assessment practices. An individualised, differentiated curriculum is available for students who function well below year standards or for students who are funded due to disability. The individual student’s learning style determine the formation of these programs and whether alternative modes of assessment are required.

As their child’s first educators, parents are welcome to be involved in the development and implementation of individual education programs. They are invited to participate in planning meetings and discussions about individual programming for their child.

Teaching and support staff are encouraged to extend their knowledge and understanding of students with special educational learning needs by participation in Professional Learning activities within the school and through outside agencies.

At St Mary’s College the work of the Lantern Program is child centred with the learning needs and interests of each student paramount. Parents are important partners in the educational process with their participation in their child’s education integral to success and confidence in their children as effective learners with unlimited potential. We strive to ensure any barriers to learning do not prevent each child from striving for excellence at their own individual level of ability. We, the members of the St Mary’s College Presentation community, are guided in this by the living spirit of Nano Nagle, guided by the light of the Lantern to go one pace beyond…

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