IMG_1474The early years of your child’s education are vitally important. A good start to school is an essential foundation for a successful educational experience. At St Mary’s College Kindergarten is all about children continuing to build upon their existing knowledge and skills in a happy, safe and secure environment.

Our Kinder program is designed to nurture and develop your child’s social and physical skills, alongside promoting Literacy and Numeracy through play. We maximise the opportunities your child has to build confidence, independence and the joy of discovery and learning.

Every day in Kinder our activities and experiences are designed to encourage children to extend their learning through play activities. Our program incorporates many aspects of knowledge and skills development, often presented in such a way that children do not realise they are learning at all! Kindergarten children at St Mary’s College are encouraged to take responsibility for their environment and their interactions with others. Religious Education is integrated with your child’s daily experiences.

We aim for your child to become a caring, independent and enthusiastic learner with positive attitudes towards school – attitudes which will last well beyond their year in Kindergarten.

Kinder & Prep:

  • 8.45am-2.45pm 

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