‘Justice for All’ at UN Youth State Conference

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Isabella Cox (Year 10), Emily Keane (Year 10) and Saakshi Dhakal (Year 12) attended the UN Youth State Conference earlier this month, with the theme of ‘Justice For All’. They each researched their chosen country and debated a range of global issues. We are very proud of them for signing up for such a valuable experience and holding their own amongst students from all over the state.

Saakshi has shared her insights from the State Conference:

‘On 15 March, three students from St Mary’s attended a UN Youth event known as the State Conference. It was a three day camp filled with debates, workshops and learning about how the United Nations works. Each girl represented a different nation and debated as that nation during the debates. We debated many global issues such as colonisation, the Venezuelan crisis and the Rohingya genocide. Overall, it was an extraordinary event which was inspiring, thought-provoking and very fun.’

There are many opportunities for students, particularly in Years 9 to 12, to attend conferences and competitions that are run by the UN Youth Tasmania. There is another State Conference in April with the theme of The World of Espionage, as well as the Evatt Tasmanian UN-style competition in May. If students are interested, they can find more information on the UN Youth Tasmania Facebook page.

All Year 10 students will be visited by the Youth Representative to the United Nations as part of a nationwide listening tour during their History classes in Term 2. There are a vast array of opportunities for students to have a voice and think deeply about current issues in the world.  

In addition to this, we are delighted that Emily and Saakshi have been selected to attend the UN Youth National Conference in Melbourne in July. Only 10 students from Tasmania have been invited to this event. The theme, ‘The Age of Information’ will explore a variety of topics about privacy, corporate transparency, access to information, the future of education and journalism. They will delve into topics in six discussion-based workshops, four model United Nations debates, a crisis simulation and a variety of speaker sessions.

Photo credit: UN Youth Australia

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