It’s annual survey time!

Written by SMC Administrator. Posted in News, Timeline

As part of always striving to go ‘…one pace beyond’ as a College community, it is important that we are never satisfied with the status quo. From time to time then, we seek to survey parents, students and staff in order to celebrate the things we do well as a College and to identify areas for further improvement.

Each member of the College community is invited to complete the survey which is now open and will be available on the link provided until Monday 29 May.

The links to the surveys appear below. survey-1594962_1920

The surveys are completely anonymous and will be collated and analysed by an independent company so that the College can benefit from this valuable feedback.

The surveys should take about 10-15 minutes to complete.

Thank you in anticipation for taking the time to provide feedback. It is very much appreciated!

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