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St Mary’s is a Catholic College for girls, established by the Presentation Sisters on its present site in Harrington Street in 1868.

In 1866, perceiving a great need in the fledgling colony for spiritual guidance, Bishop Daniel Murphy arranged for the Mother Superior of the Presentation Order (who happened to be his own sister), to travel from Ireland to bring Nano Nagle’s mission to far-off Hobart Town.

The original Sisters at SMC SMC-history-Stanislaus-OBrien-with-studentsOn 3 February 1868, the little school of Mount St Mary’s (as we were then known) received its first pupils. The fine sandstone convent was designed ‘to sit astride a grassy rise’ by the convict architect, Henry Hunter.

The College was dedicated to Mary, Mother of Divine Providence. The importance that we still attach to this dedication is reflected in the words on the College badge, Mary Our Mother.

A respected and flourishing educational institution, St Mary’s College has nurtured the spiritual, cultural, academic and sporting lives of many thousands of students in three different centuries.



Presentation Sisters

The Society of Australian Congregations of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (PBVM)

The Presentation Sisters were founded in 1775 by Nano Nagle to meet the needs of the poor in penal Ireland. Founded from Ireland, Presentation Sisters came to ‘the ends of the earth’ in Australia in 1866. Traditionally, Presentation Sisters in Australia have reached out to families in need through education in Primary Schools, Secondary Colleges and Tertiary Institutions.

Today Presentation Sisters and Associates are in every continent across our globe and work to address the ‘cry of the poor and the cry of the earth’ through a variety of social justice initiatives.

The Society of Australian Congregations of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (PBVM) is a federation of six autonomous Presentation Congregations in Australia and a group of Australian and Melanesian Presentation Sisters in Papua New Guinea.

Presentation Sisters are called to encounter God in the heart of the world and to continue the mission of Jesus in the spirit of our founder Nano Nagle. Like Nano we are called to keep our hearts open to the voices of those who are poor and oppressed, voices which challenge us to conversion and action both personally and communally.

For more information on the Presentation Sisters visit their website here.

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