We value your feedback and understand the need act wisely and justly in relation to issues of conflict. We believe that the relationship between the home and the College is a very important part of ensuring that children are happy, secure and open to learning. To submit a complaint and for more information about our complaint handling guidelines please read more at Complaints.


St Mary’s College

All current College guidelines can be found on CompliSpace. Click on the below links to view.SMC Guidelines

Alcohol Guidelines
Anti-Harassment and Anti-Bullying Guidelines
Bullying Prevention and Intervention Guidelines
Fundraising Guidelines
Homework Guidelines
ICT Guidelines
Illicit Drugs Guidelines
Infectious Disease Guidelines
Mobile Phone Guidelines
Pastoral Care and Wellbeing Guidelines
Research Acknowledgements and Plagiarism Guidelines
Sports Guidelines
Student Conduct Guidelines
Student Discipline Guidelines

Sun Protection Guidelines
Uniform Guidelines
Video Viewing Guidelines


Tasmanian Catholic Schools

Additional relevant policies of the Tasmanian Catholic Education Commission which apply to Tasmanian Catholic schools can be viewed on the Catholic Education Tasmania website.

These policies include the following:
Code of Conduct
ITC for Students
Pastoral Care
Mandatory Reporting
School Grievance
Working with Vulnerable People
SMC Guidelines

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