Green team introduces Nude Food Fridays

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The St Mary’s College Green Team is pleased to announce that from now, every Friday is a Nude Food Friday.

Using too much plastic kills animals and hurts our environment, so every little bit we can do will help.

By 2050 it is estimated that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Five trillion plastic bags are used each year – that’s 160,000 per second, and Australians alone use over four billion plastic bags a year. We need to make some changes to help our environment now!

There will be a chart in every classroom to tally up the amounts of plastic in the class. Nudies have no rubbish in their lunch, including lunch orders, Rudies have one piece of rubbish or more. At the end of each term, the St Mary’s College Green Team will tally up the scores and the class with the most Nudies and the least Rudies over the course of the term will win a prize!

Tips to make positive changes:

  • Try and buy bulk so there is less packaging and place your portion in a reusable container.
  • If you have a salad or yogurt, make sure you bring your own reusable cutlery from home.
  • Don’t wrap fruit in plastic, place it straight into your lunch box.
  • Bento-style lunch boxes are a good option because they have lots of compartments to put your food in.
  • Reusable lunch order bags are a great option for lunch orders.

Clare Wanandy, Ellie Smith and Matilda Wise
Year 5

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