Contemporary art lights up historic College

Written by SMC Administrator. Posted in News, Timeline

Five Year 11 students have collaborated with renowned Tasmanian artist Cary Littleford to create a digital artwork that will be projected onto the College’s façade for the next two weeks as the final event celebrating the College’s 150th anniversary year.

The instalment will coincide with the launch of the College’s Senior Art Show, which Mr Littleford is opening, and will be projected onto the Convent building from 8.30pm until midnight from Thursday 15 November to Friday 30 November. Students Jessica Grice, Chloe Cooper, Spriha Pauldel, Saakshi Dhakal and Georgina Green have provided the following artist statement about their work:

‘The main idea of the projection was to encapsulate what it means to be a St Mary’s student. We attempted to make a non-linear and semi-abstract video that represents the past, present and future of St Mary’s College to mark our 150th anniversary. The video begins with abstract imagery of the big band and finishes with the release of lanterns, which represents the letting go of one set of leaders.

‘Additionally, the project explores the concept that as St Mary’s girls we carry our lanterns and the light beyond St Mary’s. ‘Old’ and ‘new’ is depicted through a combination of historical photos contrasting with new photos from ‘today’, reflecting the inter-connective nature of St Mary’s. The Presentation values are interwoven throughout as symbols, with the rising sun representing resilience and falling leaves signifying the continuous respect within a St Mary’s girl.

‘The lanterns connote responsibility and the throbbing hearts represent relationships. We wanted the piece to not only be about what St Mary’s was, but what it continues to be. Special effects were used to not only make the projection dynamic but highlight the continuation of St Mary’s into the technological future.’

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