Commissioning of College leaders

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On Tuesday 20 February our Senior School and Junior School leaders were commissioned in their leadership roles during a special ceremony held in the Cathedral.

All of our Year 12s as a leadership group were also formally acknowledged and presented with a Nano Nagle heart badge.

Following the ceremony, our leaders, together with parents, staff and invited guests, continued the celebrations with a morning tea together.

Thank you to members of the College Board, Governing Council of St Mary’s College and Congregation for their attendance and to Father Shammi Perera for leading us in prayer.

Congratulations to the following girls, who embody courage, wisdom, humility and grace – qualities that we foster in our students. We are confident that they will represent St Mary’s College in their roles and duties in the true tradition of Nano Nagle.

Senior School Leaders

Head Prefect
Isobel Kuo

Deputy Head Prefects
Sarah Cooper
Olivia Eade

Lydia Attrill
Stella Barnhoorn
Imogen Barry-Murphy
Caitlin Cooper
Isabella Franklin
Emmeline Gray
Chloe Hine
Taylah Pickett
Prue Huntington
Brittanie McCarthy
Emily Philpott
Vivienne Scott
Shea Williams

Junior School Leaders

Head Girl
Grace Cox

Deputy Head Girl
Jessica Skinner
Adalia Hauler

House Captains and Deputies
College – Captain: Matilda Price
College – Deputy: Lucy Partridge

Nagle – Captain: Gabrielle Radic
Nagle – Deputy: Lucy Booth

Manresa – Captain: Mykala Mastrocola
Manresa – Deputy: Isabelle Hoggett

Presentation – Captain: Holly Teale
Presentation – Deputy: Isabella Gebka

Junior School Councillors
Kyra Mastrocola
Anna Fracalossi
Charlie Spotswood
Olivia Walter

Homeroom Mentors
College 1 – Maddison Hart
College 2 – Kaitlin Mitchell
College 3 – Caitlin Morse
College 4 – Gretel Roberts
College 5 – Sophie Whitfield
College 6 – Madeleine Gregory

Nagle 1 – Ellie Kaye
Nagle 2 – Georgina Richardson
Nagle 3 – Lucy Ryan
Nagle 4 – Livinia Sproule
Nagle 5 – Adelle Salter
Nagle 6 – Sophie Triffitt

Manresa 1 – Hailey Bromfield
Manresa 2 – Achamyalesh Mulu
Manresa 3 – Kaela Beechey
Manresa 4 – Biftu Reggasa
Manresa 5 – Fantanesh Gebresilasi
Manresa 6 – Brianna Lickiss, Eliza Howlett

Presentation 1 – Laura Young
Presentation 2 – Rebecca Eaton
Presentation 3 – Megan Riley
Presentation 4 – Sara Graves
Presentation 5 – Teagan Lee
Presentation 6 – Chloe Bowden

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