Celebrating NAIDOC week

Written by Michaela Brighella. Posted in Timeline

As part of our SMC NAIDOC week celebrations, Year 11 and 12 Religion in Society and Year 7 Visual Arts students worked in collaboration to install a First Nation inspired artwork in our Reflective Garden. 


Within their coursework, students have been learning about First Nation culture as being one of the oldest living cultures, and to consider ways in which vital aspects of spiritual knowledge are transmitted through the visual arts.

Students investigated how artmaking is a spiritual ritual used to explore and share ideas, meaning, belief and values with others in the community and were provided with the opportunity to make different kinds of rock paintings inspired by their own spiritual ideas and beliefs.

We acknowledged that we were not creating First Nation works, rather, we were receiving inspiration and guidance from these works.

Our works have been shared with our community in a space of solace and reflection, to transmit hope and positivity to others.

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