Junior School Swimming Carnival Results 2015

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Junior swim carnival shield 2015On Friday 20 February the annual Junior School House carnival was held at the Clarence Aquatic Centre. Participation this year was to be commended, with several of the 50m and 25m events having 4 heats. The leadership by the newly appointed House Captains was very impressive and fun was had by all.

Thank you to those parents and grandparents who volunteered their time on the day and to staff, parents and students for their support of the event.




Junior Swim Carnival WinnersThe final placing’s were:

1st – Nagle on 284pts

2nd – Manresa on 269pts

3rd – College on 262pts

4th – Presentation on 256pts


Year group champions:

Year 3: Aurora Giuliani –  Runner-up: Lucy Partridge

Year4: Claire Oliver – Runner-up: Laura Smith

Year 5: Cecilia Hutchinson – Runner-up: Adele Harman

Year 6: Jade Hay – Runner-up: Hayley Kent


Ms Georgina Harris

Junior School Sports Coordinator

From the Archives – More Money Matters…

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Heritage CentreAs mentioned in the previous ‘From the Archives’ article in the fountain, there are few financial documents left to tell us about the early finances of St Mary’s College. There are a few receipts left, however, which enable us to read between the lines.

A receipt dated September 1867, tells us that Mother Superior at St Mary’s, Mother Francis Xavier Murphy, accepted 160 pounds in payment for the cottage attached to Devonshire House in Upper Murray Street, Hobart. This wonderful small nugget of information reveals to us that the Sisters owned an investment property. The fine Georgian house, Devonshire House, still stands proudly at 308 Murray Street.

Later, a receipt dated 1886, reveals to us that Mother Superior, Mother de Sales Boyson, accepted 1,175 pounds in payment for Devonshire House and the paddock of land behind it.

And this was not their only investment in property. A receipt dated March 2 1875 reveals that Mother Murphy accepted money for the rent of White’s House, Patrick Street. No more is heard of this house, which would also have been sold to meet the mounting debts of expanding the school.

Marg Rootes

College Archivist

SMC Girls Start in St Brigid’s Fundraiser for the Beautiful Rose Ackerly (Year 8)

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Rose's fundraiserOn Saturday 14 February Cassie Ogle, Sarah Bourke, James Bourke, Jaime Mollineaux-Herbert, Bonnie Cashion and St Mary’s College 2014 Head Prefect Shewit Belay performed in a Theatre Restaurant Dinner Dance. They showcased various songs and stunning dances to amuse and enthral a crowd of over 160 people at the New Norfolk Memorial Hall.

The night involved a delicious two course meal, silent and live auctions, and two volunteers had their heads shaved in front of the appreciative crowd, a comedy and singing performance by Andrew Colrain and of course the cabaret acts that delighted the crowd of all ages.

The evening raised over $8,500, $1,200 of which will be given to the relay for life (Cancer Foundation) and the remainder will be divided between the Ackerly and Kelly families (another family in the St Brigid’s community who are faced with the heavy costs of cancer treatment). 

A big congratulations to St Mary’s College Year 10 student Cassie Ogle (who made the whole crowd ‘Roar’ with her cover of Katy Perry’s song and who thought of the fundraising idea for Rose) and Year 11 student Sarah Bourke (who amazed us all with her glamour and poise on the dance floor and sang for the first time in public). These students took time out of their busy schedules to practice and to perform on the night. Another congratulations to Marty Ogle (father of Cassie Year 10) and his team at St Brigid’s Catholic School for organising the successful event.  The staff at St Mary’s College are very proud of you all.

We continue to keep Rose and her family in our thoughts and prayers.

Miss Crowden

Anecdotes from the Archives – Money Matters…

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Heritage CentreVery little is known about the finances involved in the construction of St Mary’s College, or indeed the money involved in preparing and outfitting the original nine women who left Fermoy, Ireland, for Hobart, in 1866. (When I travel to Europe in the next couple of years, I intend to research this subject in Ireland!)

Research does show that the Sisters threw themselves on the mercy of the public by holding huge fundraisers in the early days. In 1867, for example, a “GRAND BAZAAR” was held at Del Sartes in Harrington Street, to raise funds for the completion of the convent building.

It is known that the Sisters brought with them every furnishing imaginable to enable the establishment of their school. Among these were beautiful furniture, in cedar, mahogany and other fine timbers. None of this furniture is to be found in the school today, as the Sisters were so intent on maintaining and expanding the school, in order to continue Nano’s mission, that over the years, they sold off many items in order to do so.

Student who were at St Mary’s College prior to the 1970’s, may have seen some of the fine old sideboards, chairs and tables which once graced the front  parlours, now the areas near Mr Dorey’s office.


Marg Rootes

College Archivist

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