Year 6 Lunch

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Year 6 LunchOn Monday 15 December the St Mary’s Year 6 students gathered together for a special lunch in St Peter’s Hall to celebrate their final two days of education in the Junior School. They all had a great time and can’t wait to start their journey of becoming a Senior student in 2015.

Green Thumbs

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Green Thumbs 2014The fantastic Green Thumb girls from Years 4 and 5 have been nurturing and harvesting throughout the year. They have learnt many skills, such as turning on the hose without wetting each other, worms are good for the garden, slugs and aphids are not, lots of vegies such as peas, beans and lettuce are great eaten straight from the soil, our apples will most likely get codlin-moth because we don’t use bee-killing sprays, tomatoes take forever to grow, and lastly, weeds are very persistent.  But mostly, they have learnt to cooperate together as a team, to be prepared every week and to work willingly. They are a happy, lively ‘bunch’ and are passionate about our garden plot and our worms.

I am retiring at the end of the year and we welcome Mr Michael Gaynor as the new Green Thumb Guru. This is a GREAT co-curricular activity which genuinely leaves you rewarded, relaxed and revitalized! Please email if you would like to be involved.

Julie Gartrell

Kaz Schools St Mary’s Students on Girl Stuff

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Kaz Cooke visit With all major assessments completed, Year 9 St Mary’s College students worked on ‘girl stuff’ on December 15 with famous author, cartoonist and broadcaster, Kaz Cooke.

It was all part of Self-Care Day, where Year 9 St Mary’s students focused on caring for themselves – building their resilience and learning about matters of the body, head and heart, guided by advice from Girl Stuff author, Kaz Cooke.

St Mary’s College Year 9 Coordinator, Miss Gillian Goldsworthy says that Girl Stuff is one of the most frequently borrowed books in the SMC Student Resource Centre.

“The girls can really relate to Kaz’s honest and humorous approach on how to make the most out of being a teenager and deal with everything from confidence and social media to pimples and heartbreak,” said Miss Goldsworthy.

“Kaz particularly focused on getting our girls to develop their sense of self-worth; recognising their value and uniqueness and how this is central to respectful relationships.”

After hearing from Kaz, girls took part in other activities centred on self-care, including yoga and a mental health workshop with Headspace on coping mechanisms and being a caring friend.  

St Mary’s College Counsellor, Mrs Andrea Maver, said that it’s important for students to be self-reflective and actively take care of their body and mind.

“Regular exercise, good nutritious food, regular sleep and having fun promote physical and emotional well being, and calming techniques like mindfulness, yoga and meditation help clear our minds to be able to think and reason more clearly,” said Mrs Maver.

“This clarity fosters emotional strength, improves attitudes and helps to grow a generous heart.”

St Mary’s College Principal, Mr Tom Dorey, says that initiatives such Self-Care Day are part of the College’s holistic approach to educating the whole person.

Presentation Day Picnic

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Presentation Day Picnic 2014On Friday 12 December, all students from Prep to Year 9 gathered together at Tolosa Park to celebrate Presentation Day with a picnic. After such a rainy start to summer, we were delighted to see a sunny day for the celebration and welcomed the cooling icy pole treat after lunch. Students had fun playing games in the sun, walking around the park and watching the talent show put on by their peers.

For more photos from the picnic, see the photo gallery.

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