2019 Art Awards

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A wonderful evening was had by all at the Student Art Exhibition on Friday 15 November. Thank you to everyone in the College community who attended the night to admire and celebrate the amazing works of Years 9 – 12 students this year.

The exhibition was a resounding success with lots of interesting discussions about the meaning and value of art, and great opening speeches. A beautiful and inspiring talk was given by Hobart artist, Jo Chew who was extremely impressed by the power and depth of the works on display. Helen Spencer, an artist herself, gave a wonderful opening speech reminding the attendees of the power of art to move people, and its importance in our daily lives. Helen also reminded us of the intellectual and academic rigour of much art by sharing that Jo Chew is a shining example of academic art as she is studying for her PhD in Fine Art at the University of Tasmania.

Congratulations to all students on their excellent works and to this year’s Art Award recipients who were acknowledged at the opening of the Student Art Exhibition:

Year 9/10 New Media Art – Caitlin Marr

Year 9 Art – Adele Harman

Year 10 Art – Luzie Gillard

Senior Art Acquisition (Art) – Lucy Eade

Senior Art Acquisition (Photography) – Lily Nuss

CSIRO Gold CREST success

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Congratulations to three Year 10 students who have been awarded prestigious CSIRO Gold CREST awards for 2019: Luzie Gillard, Jade Hay, and Shreya Karunakara.  

To be eligible for this award, students must complete a project that makes an original contribution to a STEM field of study. Gold CREST Awards deepen the students’ experience of open inquiry, through the undertaking of an investigation or project taking a minimum of 100 hours. Under the supervision of their teacher and a mentor, students define and direct the terms of their inquiry. Gold CREST Awards must be innovative in both: the scope, aim, or design of the inquiry, and in the application of the findings to the real-world. The awards are nationally recognised and only an average of 30 are awarded Australia-wide each year.  13 St Mary’s College students have been awarded Gold CREST awards over the past six years. 

Well done Luzie, Jade and Shreya for your outstanding achievements!

Heather Omant
Science Coordinator


Celebrating the final week for Year 12

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What a wonderful final week it was for our Year 12s. There were many embraces and teary eyes as they walked through the student guard of honour in the tradition of Belling Out.

Congratulations to our Year 12s on their amazing St Mary’s College journeys, we wish each student all the best for the future and ask them to be sure to stay in touch. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for these bright young women.

As we celebrated the end of schooling for our Year 12s, we captured photos of their main events. See Graduation Mass and other photos here: www.smc.tas.edu.au/photos/.


New canteen menu and operation

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St Mary’s College has welcomed Canteen Manager, Phil Shanny to the College who will be providing healthy, delicious and nutritious food – all made onsite with sustainable packaging, free-range eggs and locally sourced ingredients.

In addition to a regular menu, the canteen will also be offering daily specials. Please check out the new canteen menu here and on the Qkr! app.

As we move towards sustainability, it is important to note some changes. The canteen will serve food in reusable containers, which are to be returned by students. You will also notice we have discontinued packaged drinks, instead offering tea and coffee (in a reusable cup) for Senior School students. We will be encouraging all students to drink water.

We look forward to these sustainable changes having a positive impact for the College, students and our environment.

The canteen now sells breakfast menu items and barista coffee to St Mary’s College parents as well as students.

Students win big at Science Awards

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Sophie Williams (Year 11) presents her investigation.

Congratulations to our students who participated in the Science and Engineering Investigation Awards, held at the University of Tasmania. Thirty-five of our students in Years 6-11 attended the Awards Presentation on Wednesday 18 September, winning 20 prizes. The details are below. 

This is a remarkable achievement on the part of all of the students.  Their investigations were varied, meaningful and of an excellent standard.  These outstanding results reflect the hard work and commitment of both the students and the Science staff.  If you get a chance to congratulate the students and ask them about their investigations, I know that they will appreciate your interest and recognition of their success.  They were very proud and excited.

Heather Omant
Science Learning Area Coordinator


Environmental and Marine Science, Years 5-8

  • HONOURABLE MENTION: Jessica Ransley, Emma Grubb and Belle Chasemore
  • SECOND PRIZE: Zyla Williams

Environmental and Marine Science, Years 9-12

  • HONOURABLE MENTION: Sophie Williams
  • SECOND PRIZE: Isabella Cox, Emily Keane and Tori McCosker

Engineering, Years 7-10

  • FIRST PRIZE: Ava Thomsett and Alanna McKay

Agricultural Science, Years 5-7

  • FIRST PRIZE: Grace Cox

Agricultural Science, Years 8-10

  • THIRD PRIZE: Chloe Struwe and Samantha Rickwood
  • SECOND PRIZE: Ava McCoull and Miranda Guy
  • FIRST PRIZE: Emily Walter

Health and Wellbeing, Years 5-7

  • SECOND PRIZE: Amity Jakubiszyn, Asha Lee and Arshiya Rijal
  • FIRST PRIZE: Adalia Hauler

Health and Wellbeing, Year 8

  • FIRST PRIZE: Madeline Young and Kasota Clayton

Health and Wellbeing, Years 9-12

  • HONOURABLE MENTION: Emmerson Spencer and Holly Sice
  • THIRD PRIZE: Georgia Chambers
  • SECOND PRIZE: Shreya Karunakara and Jade Hay

Physical Science, Years 5-6

  • SECOND PRIZE: Grace Marshall

Physical Science, Years 7-10

  • THIRD PRIZE: Maddison Marschke
  • SECOND PRIZE: Isabella Mihal, Kyra Mastrocola and Isabella Metwari
  • FIRST PRIZE: Luzie Gillard




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