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We are excited to announce that St Mary’s College is accepting enrolments for the first girls-only Kinder class in 2021. While changing to girls-only in the early years is new for St Mary’s, the College has been leading the way in girls’ education for decades, having girls-only classes from Year 3 to Year 12 on the one, central campus.

Kinder at St Mary’s College is a wonderful place for children. It provides countless opportunities to discover, think, plan and play. We provide a nurturing, trusting and caring environment.

Children are encouraged to be independent and embrace the structure of each day. We really value the focus on kindness, and every individual is valued and celebrated. What a great start to our journey in formal education!
– Brigid Shea, Kinder parent and St Mary’s College alumna



Applications for Kinder in 2021 are due on Friday 1 May. Click here to download an enrolment form.

Would you like to learn more about St Mary’s College? Scroll down further to see the Kinder classrooms and facilities and take a video tour of the College here.

For more information about the enrolment process, please contact Enrolment Officer, Fiona Medwin on (03) 6108 2560 or email enrol@smc.tas.edu.au

How to enrol

Due to social distancing measures in place to limit the spread of COVID-19, we are currently unable to meet with prospective students and their families face-to-face. The College can accept scanned copies of the signed enrolment form and Birth Certificate so that the application can be processed. The College is required to sight the original or certified copy of the Birth Certificate by the end of 2020.

Enrolment forms and supporting documents can be provided by email enrol@smc.tas.edu.au or post to Enrolment Officer, St Mary’s College, 164 Harrington Street, Hobart Tasmania 7000.

Learning in Kinder

The Kinder program is designed to nurture and provide opportunities to build confidence, independence and the joy of discovery and learning, which will carry on well beyond the student’s year in Kinder.

We provide a play based educational program that builds on the College’s vision statement and is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Our program is planned and implemented by taking into account the different interests, cultural backgrounds and developmental levels of all children. We focus on enhancing their strengths, recognising that children develop at their own pace to reach their individual potential. As a Catholic school we value the uniqueness of each child and aim to build and nourish their personal relationship with Jesus.













Kinder classrooms

The early-learning facility at St Mary’s College is purpose-built, designed with our youngest students’ experiences in mind. The modern space offers a stimulating and nurturing environment that is tailored to foster play and sensory-based learning. Kinder classrooms are large, airy and bright, overlooking the outdoor play space. 











Outdoor play space

Adjacent to the classrooms is a large outdoor play area featuring play equipment, a sandpit, water pump and stream, ‘bird nest’ sensory tub and sensory path, where children can explore and experiment with their natural surroundings.
















Learning from home

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St Mary’s College will share key learning from home information with parents, carers and students via the links below, with a dedicated page for Junior School and Senior School.

For all reference information, please visit the pages below.

Junior School learning at home

Senior School learning at home

Here are some practical, fun tips for learning from home. We hope you find these useful! 


Term 1 ends Friday 3 April

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As part of Catholic Education Tasmania and in line with the Department of Education, St Mary’s College will have four additional student-free days in the lead up to the scheduled Easter break. The last day of Term 1 for students will be on Friday 3 April.

These additional student-free days will provide crucial time for essential preparation and planning for staff to be able to provide home learning opportunities for students.

Year 9 Visual Arts masterpieces

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Our Year 9 Visual Arts students have been exploring the natural world and how human life impacts upon it. Under the expert guidance of Anna Berger, students have been working on coloured pastel drawings of endangered species. Layer by luxurious layer, students have worked meticulously to capture the texture of each animal’s unique coat and markings to pay homage to their beauty. An impressive first project for their elective, the Year 9 works are currently on exhibition in S118. Students and staff are invited to view their majesty in person.

The following drawings in order belong to:

Lucy Nischler
Josie Quinn
Emily Cooper
Eliza Topham
Liberty Watts
Charlotte Coutts
Bethany Creese

Sarah Adams
Learning Area Coordinator – Visual Arts

Kinder enrolments closing soon

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St Mary’s College is accepting applications for the first girls-only Kinder class for 2021.

In an exciting move for our school’s future, St Mary’s College will mark a milestone in its history with Kinder in 2021 as we continue to specialise in girls early childhood education.

In the early years, we teach our girls in a framework of belonging, being and becoming.

The Kinder program at the College is designed to nurture and provide opportunities to build confidence, independence and the joy of discovery and learning, which will carry on well beyond the student’s year in Kinder.

Applications for girls in Kinder 2021 are due on Friday 1 May 2020.

We ask current families to please complete sibling enrolment applications as soon as possible to secure your child’s place in Kinder in 2021.

For more information about our enrolment process, or if you have any queries,, please contact Fiona Medwin, Enrolment Officer via (03) 6108 2560 or enrol@smc.tas.edu.au.

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